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Cull cover


Tanvir Bush

A fabulous, funny, sharp, outrageous satire
about the deadly dark side of discrimination
Published via Unbound January 2019


Cover of "Witch Girl" by Tanvir Bush. A ghostly black humanoid figure floats in a purple haze above a barbed wire fence.

Witch Girl

Tanvir Bush

A crime thriller that juggles past and present
effortlessly, blending AIDS activism, witchcraft,
religious extremism and romance.


Cover of "The Blind Photographer" featuring images by Tanvir Bush and others, by Julian Rothenstein, introduced by Candia McWilliam and published by Redstone Press. The cover has three horizontal panels in blue, white and red, respectively, and a thin vertical column of yellow and black stripes at the leftmost edge. The white middle panel is the largest and contains a stylised image of a camera lens containing the image of a smiling black man. Above the lens is a text in braille.

The Blind Photographer

Ed by Julien Rothenstein et al, featuring
Tanvir Bush and others

The first exploration of the worldwide phenomenon of the blind and partially-sighted who take up photography in all its vibrancy and diversity.


Cover of "Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 10" featuring Rictus by Tanvir Bush, ed by Lane Ashfeldt and Stephen Moran, and published by Pretend Genius. The book's cover image appears to be a road surface in muted burgundy and charcoal colours, traversed vertically by a clumsily painted yellow line. Two yellow manhole covers appear like blobs of paint to the right of the line. At the top left in a serif font are the title Willesden Herald in yellow, followed by the subtitle New Short Stories 10 in white.

Willesden Herald
New Short Stories 10

Eds L. Ashfeldt, S. Moran featuring prizewinners
Tanvir Bush and others

Inspired by Chekov’s 'Ward Six', in 'Rictus' a Zambian doctor faces a baffling case. Philosophy, science, superstition… what is going on in the dark?



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