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I feel better today,,,,cheery even… which is why I don’t mind that my eyes have smoked up like a car windscreen on a cold day when a whole bunch of you leap in with laughter and friendship and steammmmmm …
So…I don’t mind my eyes smoking up. After all its been grieving and loss and jet lag and then those beautiful things that friends and family do like the notes of support on the email and phone, the cleaning of my sluttish flat, …it all has the effect of leaping into the car after playing Frisbee on a chilly beach. Its ok. It will pass..It’s the macular oedema just messing with my retinas…at least I hope it is because the RP takes the sight away for good and right now that would REALLY piss me off…… although I am having to be a bit more careful and less intrepid as I am knocking over everything and, nearly, everyone.

However, aside from the general death theme of early November, the invitations for the Beyond Sight (multi sensory exhibition by blind and VI) photographic exhibition came through. Photovoice have used my photos on both the invite and their annual report which is a tad head swelling. A lot of the other exhibitors are doing a lot more exciting work then I, espeicially with courage and intuition, but I am used to using props and drama from all my theatre and film training- which is why I believe my stuff gets picked for the promotions. My stuff, therefore, isn’t really the key to the exhibition… but I am proud of it. Go and have a look at the strange idea of using a visual media by feel and heart….Exhibition is on 3rd to 8th Dec at the Association of Photographers, 81 Leonard St, London EC2A 4QS (FREE admission mates!) Google Photovoice for more details or email I am still not sure how I feel about it all but I could do with the exposure and perhaps someone out there will commission some crazy blind person’s art work…err…yeah…quite….. Hey come on.. Some people judge the Turner prize….

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