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A hangover of this weight and magnitude is not easy to find. It needs to be sought with courage, commitment, care and dedication…it involves a great deal of work and nurturing, an undertaking not to be taken lightly. This one was come upon in an entirely approiate manner involving a dozen loons, a turkey and an onslaught of pies. Yes you guessed it..a thanksgiving thrash and a half.
I had had a difficult day with quite a bit of pain,… is only occasionally thank goodness that I get eye pain and it is usually to do with lack of sleep or stress but it can be most annoying. It feels a little like my eyelashes are on the wrong way and made of wire. I presume the beginning of river blindness is a little similar. Bloody hell…note to self..give more money to Sightsavers… I had nipped to the gym for a swim which compounded the problem due to the chlorine and I was missing Teelo and so was in, by early evening, what in 1972 was called ‘a bit of a funk’. Therefore, when a glass of champagne was popped into my fist I didn’t baulk oh no, no…then gin and tonic just for a bit of pep..oh yep…and then about half a gallon of wine with the meal.

There was a thanksgiving quiz at some point I seem to remember and an absolutely appalling joke telling session and of course some idiot (I believe twas I) trying to outcool a very cool person hence:

Me: I’ve just discovered a really groovy new ..errrmmm…’

Very Cool Person ‘Really who?

Me: why you probably won’t have come across them (smug expression) they are called (pause for effect) The Fairy Projection…

Very Cool Person: Really? No I’ve not heard..

Me: Really great..errr..bub and…bass and bongos..

Very Cool Person: Hang on..You don’t mean The THIEVERY Coorporation do you?

Me: (thinking..oh bugger)..

Very Cool Person: (Trying to restrain laughter..not succeeding.) It sounds like The Thievery Co orporation…they are good, been around a while and I can see you could make that mistake..Fairy ..Projection…. hey everyone, you’ve got to hear this one….(etc and on and horrifically on)

I vaguely remember that even though I had cooked the thing, I didn’t get to try the whiskey pie, possibly because the hostess( the famous S from previous posts) very sensibly noted that even a whiff of bourbon would have me doing the can can on the table.. and then somehow it was three in the morning and time to go home

And the eye pain…. Everything else hurts so no idea.

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  1. I am sure the whiskey pie was wonderful as the recipe came from a very brilliant sourse. You are just so much cooler than me I dont know who the hell the stoeln fairies are cold sober.

  2. All i can say is Suzie is not alone and she is certainly braver than me….I wasnt going to even admit I had no idea who the stolen fairies were…but since we are sharing…Que??

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