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Well that is interesting…who’d have thought Benezeer ‘let them eat cake’ Bhutto would re-emerge from her silken web of exile as the ‘hero’ in all this…isn’t she still corrupt as all hell?
Ah well.. It’s a strange and stormy world today. Last night they were issuing flood warnings but desperate to ‘fox-it-up’ they inserted old footage, uncaptioned, of the 1953 floods in Netherlands which must have sent nervous children and the deaf rushing to the window to see if the waters were already rising up the back door with distressed men in clogs and the occasional shire horse bobbing past the windows… As it turned out nothing really got that wet. And anyway it would have flooded Lowerstoft…which is not exactly New Orleans. It is a car park, three post offices and a Morrisons.

I lay awake with the window open enough to hear the winds blasting through the garden and knocking tiles off the roofs in Sturton Street.

This morning I had an induction for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau volunteer advisor training scheme. It is pretty weighty stuff, debt counselling, divorce, dementia but I was still feeling dopey and my eyes were/are dreadful. Can’t even see this computer screen screen properly, which makes me a tad irritable. There was one woman that I wanted to leap over the table and head butt. She was sickly sweet and although obviously not dumb she kept asking the most inane and useless questions and then giggling like a child and lisping ‘ but I’m just soooo curious’. My stare could have curdled milk but had absolutely no effect on her whatsoever. It was head butt or nothing. Sadly therefore nothing.

I really need to go and pick up Martina’s ashes. I have been putting it off as I just can’t bear to think of her death again as then I think of Teelo and on and around and over again. It is a little stress syndrome have developed that I may to get help with if it doesn’t stop. It is still keeping me awake. It will now be too cold for her in the garden so I shall have to stick her in the bedroom until spring. A dead cat in the bedroom. Sexy or forever single? Discuss.

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  1. Hmmmmmmm a dead cat in the house….me thinks not Tanvi! You say it is too cold for her in the garden right now ….she is warm where she is… yourself a suitable shrine that is worthy of such a beautiful cat (something that u will want to look at as well!!) Collect her ashes and then do what you must… will feel better…..i promise 🙂 xxx Also it is always another excuse to open a bottle of something and toast to kitty heaven.

  2. Yes toasting kitty heaven is a great thought. And I agree no dead cat in house. Im sure her spirit has moved on and she would want you to have a cocktail and not have her (a dead kitty) on the mantel.I do believe I read somewhere that nothing turns a man on as much as not seeing a dead cat in a gals flat.

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