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Ahhh the schizophrenic email..the one that begins with sweet nothings and ends in death threats….yes, the chain letter.
‘Hello there! We are writing to you because we know that you have had a tough old time and we think you could do with a boost! We can promise you just such a lift! We are here to bring you such luck you will find the world lights up around you and love is found around every corner.
And all you need to do to get this fandango, this gorgeous overload of luck is send this letter to 100 people. Just 100 people and then we absolutely guarantee you all the luck, love and wealth in the world, (as proven by Mrs. K Bantel of 14 Worrisome Way who a week after sending this email to 1000 of her friends was released from the Fornley Mental Health Unit, won the lottery and met Jesus all in just 7 days.)

If, however, you only send this to 50 people you will never find true love and will end up old and odd and alone with a dead cat’s ashes in your bedroom and a tendency to grow a moustache …and you will forever smell of foot powder.

If you send it to a measly 10 people you may trip and break a leg tomorrow and if you try – yes, just you try it missy – to DELETE this, we will send a hit squad to kill your parents and any loved ones , and the loved ones of your loved ones. We will KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!’

I got another one of these today and felt annoyed with the friend who had buckled beneath this absurd blackmail and forwarded it to me. Even so, as I deleted the nasty thing, I made a mental note to double check on my loved ones over the next few days….

So Zuma got in today in the South African elections. I wonder how that will affect South Africa’s HIV/AIDS policy given this is the man who claimed he was immune from HIV because he washed after sex…. Hmmm. I should really listen to some news but today I have been up and down to the doctor with either a pulled muscle (my thought) or a grumbling appendix (doc’s) …( a ‘grumbling appendix’ seems rather a lackadaisical description for a potential time bomb in the belly…) Anyway I am still sure it’s a pulled muscle and as the pain has faded I think we can stop worrying. Soon find out one way or t’other.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaah yes the dreaded forward this on or else you will die a slow and painful death as well as all of those around you….how i hate those things…it is worse still as I am a little superstitious and when things start to go wrong….a little voice says…”u shouldnt have deleted that email!!!” But with therapy (LOL) I have become strong and do delete and try not to subject my friends to such crap….why make their day as miserable as mine! I have found a little loop around it though…if there is a nice poem or thought I forward that on but remove the “if you dont…you will…rubbish …. makes me feel better anyway 🙂
    Loads of hugs honey!!!!

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