Fantastique hair tricks

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Interesting weekend. Ended up at a very jolly party with two magicians, one of whom seemed quite depressed. The depressed one was also a hypnotist and it turned out an amateur ventriloquist. After a few drinks he disappeared suddenly and returned with a large and rather ugly ventriloquist’s dummy called ‘Dave the Dog’. He manoeuvred the dog’s mouth open and shut but no sound came out of either of them. ‘Are they already named when you buy them?’ I asked, […]

Ahh the life of a film producer…

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It turns out that I have a cousin who is a forth year medical student at Nottingham university. She is a member of the StopAids society and they invite me to screen my HIV/AIDS documentary ‘On the Frontline’ at the medical school. This is all very exciting and I rise to the occasion by finally getting my hair trimmed. Unfortunately, on the Thursday morning I wake to find my eyes on strike. They are sore, swollen and I peer at […]

Dirty Windshield

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Dirty Windshield (In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.) The screen is cracked, Two bullet holes and The blackened spidery cracks Like septicaemia Creep Towards the veins and brain The shield is almost down, captains. Nothing can stop the Eleven Million Mile High walls of night Rushing at twice the speed of any light. We are the fragile gnat And just breath could now knock through And rage bore wider holes And the whisper of air As you rush […]

Short and bit bitter

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There is something more tragic then the situation in Gaza, more nerve shattering then the gathering storm clouds of recession, more deeply, creepy then Peter Hain’s puppy dog eyes…the fact that the Scouts now have a badge …for PR. Yes, I know. It rocks the very foundations of the world. Apparently (and I quote the Week) to win the PR award, older scouts must show ‘an understanding of the brand’. And he shall walk among us and his name shall […]


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It’s Monday and I have lost the will to live. I have had no response at all from the last lot of job applications. Not even one of those ‘thank you SO very much for your application BUT ’ letters. I haven’t the energy to do another lot (although I will, I will..) and I have a deadline for a short story competition that I am nearing and here I sit, plucking out all the fruity bits from my trail […]

No paparrazzi please!

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Last Monday night I staggered off the train in the dark and began the weary trudge home. It was rubbish collection day and my cane got tangled up in the first of the many hundreds of large black bins that were hulking over the pavement. I was vaguely aware of people impatiently pushing past me as it was rush hour. A scruffy man in jeans and some kind of huge jumper brushed past me as I hissed and swore at […]

Opps They Did It Again.

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How is it possible that today’s national TV headline, over and above the meltdown in Kenya or the stabbing of two teenagers in Kent, was Britney Spear’s …again?? How does her self-destruction matter on the global scale, eh? What is wrong with us? Wasn’t anyone listening when that brave and inspiring anchorwomen tore up and then burnt the Paris Hilton story on live TV last year? Sure, tell us about it at some point so we can ooh and ahh […]


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It was a good party thanks to the lovely S and her feats with a saucepan and yes, at midnight in kilt and accompanied by a surfer dude on an Irish drum, my buddy the piper led a surreal, random crowd of drunken dancers into the soggy night. We collected about 30 people from various houses in the estate – mostly holding fags and tins of larger ( and that was just the children) and wound our way leaping and […]