Short and bit bitter

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There is something more tragic then the situation in Gaza, more nerve shattering then the gathering storm clouds of recession, more deeply, creepy then Peter Hain’s puppy dog eyes…the fact that the Scouts now have a badge …for PR. Yes, I know. It rocks the very foundations of the world. Apparently (and I quote the Week) to win the PR award, older scouts must show ‘an understanding of the brand’. And he shall walk among us and his name shall be ‘Legion’ etc.

Ohhhh yawn… I am a’weary now. I have been busy but not with anything particularly prose worthy. More job hunting, a bit of cleaning, a visit to the doctor. Actually kicked myself out of the door on Saturday night and went to a friend’s birthday party. There were fairy lights and plastic cups and lots of sweet young post graduates but sadly no dancing which is a travesty at a house party. Good to be out though…and no, sadly none of that either.

Today I had good talk with the radio producer about the pieces I would hope to record in on to the treatments and pitching! Three weeks to go and then the heat, the peeping of tree frogs and cicadas and the constant barrage of bloody awful puns from my dear old Dad.

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