Da Da Day!

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As I have a British passport I feel I must comment on the weather. Today, Feb 9th, I went out in a T-shirt. The sun was actually warming, the sky bright blue and everything glittered as if embedded with mica. Potentially climate changetastic but still so lovely.

This is how gorgeous today was:
I round a corner and walk into a spattering of of ‘yoof’ who seem to be running (and cycling) nervously away from another larger and scarier bunch of ‘yoof’ coming down the road behind them. The larger bunch are walking in a tight formation, shoulders hunched and hoodies up against the glare of the sun but as I get closer one of them steps away a little dizzily and lets his hoodie slip back from his face. He is shorter then the others, not yet acned and he has a delicate baby face that he raises up to the sunshine. He shuts his eyes and smiles. The others pause slightly, out of step.
‘Verrr nice day’, says Shorty, still with his eyes blissfully closed against the soft, warm sunlight…
‘Yerrr, verrr nice…….errr..lovely’ says a pitifully skinny tall boy. He seems unsure about something and after checking with the others he also drops back his hood. And then suddenly he croaks out ‘da da day, da da day..’
and the entire gobby lot of them break into an tuneless, out of beat but fiercely joyful acapella version of ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers.
All this happens in the 20 seconds it takes me to pass them and I smile for hours and hours afterwards.

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  1. Ok Its the Yank again. Maybe its because of my geographic location but not only did I have to look up “Lovely Day” on youtube but Yoof I’ve never heard of. I resorted to the Urban Dictionary which classified it as the youth of today. I Shall go with that term and with all of these pieces of the puzzle firmly together I shall whole heartily enjoy your post although I will feel a bit old in doing so.

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