Urban Unbinding

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The first law of dynamics states that for a thermodynamic cycle the sum of net heat supplied to the system and the net work done by the system is equal to zero.
More simply, (thank God for Wikipedia) the First Law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; rather, the amount of energy lost in a steady state process cannot be greater than the amount of energy gained.
This rather makes the ‘Urban Rebound’ class at the gym a non event. All gym activities really. Apply the theory and it becomes apparent that one should stay at home in a state of entropy with the remote control and a cat in a box. (You quantum groupies you!)

‘Urban Rebound’…sounds so exciting eh? Like something one might do in a stolen car in central London. I finally got into the packed class today and it turns out far from learning ways to utilise a wire coathanger in a lock, it ACTUALLY involves running and jumping very fast and very carefully on a tiny little trampoline known in the trade as a ‘trampet’…(no, not a trumpet…that would be more interesting but painful. It would jazz up the class a little I s’pose… certainly be noteworthy (enough ed!) )

One takes in to the class:
Steel under-wired bra
Universal law of gravitation

One loses, if not weight (please refer to the first law) then certainly:
Pretensions to grown-up-ness
Bladder control

However, as it is more complicated to steal a car and drive riotously through the city (although this is certainly quite tempting right now) this version of urban rebounding may be the thing that puts the spring in my step over the next week or two. Alternately, as the trampet is so very small and I can’t see my feet when on it I may well end up in plaster. Probably better then ending up in jail…I’ll bounce that idea around.
Hey – thank you all you people who commented and called me after last post. Don’t worry..in this case what doesn’t break me makes me very, very much stronger.

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  1. I hate to admit this but after my first baby I was jumping on a trampoline and lost all bladder control.So in case anything happens in your urban class you are not alone. Enjoy…carefully

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