Hobo squirrels

Tanvir Naomi Bush Writing 3 Comments

I thought Dennis my UK yob of a squirrel was rude but here the squirrels are actually a little frightening. They have black fur and less puffy tails so more ‘rat-like’ AND they go through the rubbish like old pro’s. […]

Tinku or bust

Tanvir Naomi Bush Writing 1 Comment

The Tinku Gallery opening was lovely. Lights, flowers, smart people and erudite conversation. No, really! My friend, A looked very glamorous and elegant in a crafted little black number and just the right earrings. She had lent me a dress […]


Tanvir Naomi Bush Radio, Writing 1 Comment

‘Blimey!!’ I am standing in the bathroom peering in the mirror with a steri-strip thermometer plastered to my sweaty forehead. I am trying to read my temperature but it looks to me like I am in rigor mortis. Fuzzy and […]

Bashing Bin Men

Tanvir Naomi Bush Writing 2 Comments

Actually I had a bit of a difficult week. On new sprung foam fuelled feet I have been attempting to run again.. This means, what with rubbish eyes, getting up and out at 6 am and doing laps of my […]

Lucky 7!

Tanvir Naomi Bush Writing 2 Comments

I’ve been tagged. I have no idea what a meme is but I will try to play. The wonderful Doc Susie tagged me, she of ‘Up the Hill Backwards’ fame and I have been told this is how you play. […]