Hobo squirrels

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I thought Dennis my UK yob of a squirrel was rude but here the squirrels are actually a little frightening. They have black fur and less puffy tails so more ‘rat-like’ AND they go through the rubbish like old pro’s. They are completely unfazed by humanity, often standing in groups and yelling obscenities at passing people.

Tinku or bust

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The Tinku Gallery opening was lovely. Lights, flowers, smart people and erudite conversation. No, really! My friend, A looked very glamorous and elegant in a crafted little black number and just the right earrings. She had lent me a dress that had a neckline that plunged so dramatically it was just managing to cling precariously to decency. This would have been fine had I the confidence to carry it off but I kept having to glance down at my own […]

Canada very dry

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‘Can we help you…?’ I am standing glumly unsure about whether to wait for assistance from the BA ground staff (will they make me sit in a bloody wheelchair again) or just take pot luck and stride off in the general direction of customs when I hear this question from the couple in front. It is apparent they are not going to move or let anyone else off the plane unless I capitulate so I fall in line behind them […]

Man flu

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My mini man flu flattened me. My head felt as if it had swollen to twice its size and my sight got as foggy as my brain. Even today, three days later I am still in pyjamas and still feeling as if I have been on a very long uphill walk when the truth is I have done nothing but lie down.


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‘Blimey!!’ I am standing in the bathroom peering in the mirror with a steri-strip thermometer plastered to my sweaty forehead. I am trying to read my temperature but it looks to me like I am in rigor mortis. Fuzzy and aching I find the magnifier and after a long and complicated thought process manage to turn the thing the right way around. I am not actually cold but boiling. I have a fever. I am sick. ‘Cripes.’

Bashing Bin Men

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Actually I had a bit of a difficult week. On new sprung foam fuelled feet I have been attempting to run again.. This means, what with rubbish eyes, getting up and out at 6 am and doing laps of my housing estate where there is due to the time and location: 1. no one to bump into 2. no one to stare at my fat ass and sweaty red face 3. no one to out run…

Lucky 7!

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I’ve been tagged. I have no idea what a meme is but I will try to play. The wonderful Doc Susie tagged me, she of ‘Up the Hill Backwards’ fame and I have been told this is how you play. I have lifted the rules directly from her blog as she did to the chap who tagged her…and so it goes:

Zombie Carpet Training Day

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It is sunny outside but inside the room with the florescent ‘dinky donk dink’ lights is chilly. Training. Doesn’t matter what it is for, the excitement palls in a room like this…and training is always done in rooms like this. I don’t mind the uncomfortable plastic chairs that look as if they could fall apart but are always heavy and difficult to lift (and you know you are going to have to lift them when it comes to those horrifically […]