Bashing Bin Men

Tanvir Naomi Bush Writing 2 Comments

Actually I had a bit of a difficult week. On new sprung foam fuelled feet I have been attempting to run again.. This means, what with rubbish eyes, getting up and out at 6 am and doing laps of my housing estate where there is due to the time and location:
1. no one to bump into
2. no one to stare at my fat ass and sweaty red face
3. no one to out run…

The first couple of runs were fantastic and within three days I was leaping out of bed with a song in my heart and easily managing a fast 20 minutes…but then it all went blah. Why? I think I just realised that running around and around a housing estate does not smack of freedom in the same way as leaping gazelle like through a forest or pounding in slo-mo along a deserted shore. Nope. Plus I do occasionally run into bin men and then get anxious about wacking into them again on the next lap.
And worst of all I am not instantly fit. The contrary, in fact. I am exhausted and sore and fall asleep in my Citizens Advice training by lunch time. I was expected to be lean and swift by now. I am not. I am podgy and insecure (Snow White got restraining orders against those two dwarves when she signed with Disney)

By the you know what is going on in East Congo? Well you should. It may not be good reading and it may be there is nothing you can do..but you should know about it. If the Nazis resurfaced you’d want to know about it right…? If there was potentially another Rwanda brewing you would want to know right? …

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  1. First you do not have a fat ass!
    Second I am sure I’d rather have a frozen drink and a slice of pizza than know about the Natzi ‘s rising again
    Thank you for your descretion (I know I misspelled it what can I do DANG!)

  2. Tanvi,
    We can run together in High Park or along the lake. There is a secret to doing it so you don’t kill yourself…Will reveal all once you arrive.
    –Gazelle of Toronto

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