The end of the influenza

Tanvir Naomi BushWriting 4 Comments

Ok, I admit it. I am still not 100% . I am still snuffling and snorting and aching. Its been weeks now and I had had enough this morning. I am in Toronto after all. The sun is shining and the weather is sweet (yeah Marley maaan!)

‘I am feeling better!’ I announce. I make myself leap from bed and do some sun salutes.

’See, see just how healthy I am world!’ I wheeze.

I dress flamboyantly in blue and big hat and skip out of the house.
However in just a few minutes I began to get the familiar cold sweats and the haze over my central vision. I grit my teeth. I will walk into the heart of the city. I will.

‘I will not oh excuse me ….let this..ouch opps sorry…sodding cold….whoops…ruin my experience of Toronto…… ‘

When I nearly upend the 15th baby stroller trying to share a pavement with me I go into a deli to cool down and can’t even see the coins in my hand let alone what they are. The Polish woman slicing salami looks at me with sympathy and shakes her head.

‘You are ill?’

‘No oh no! I’, say coughing like a hag. ‘I’m dandy, thanks. ‘

She backs away from me with her hands trying to protect her meat counter. ‘Dandy’ is obviously another word for tuberculosis in Polish.

I give up and stumble off back to base. Later this afternoon I will walk healthily in the park..but first..perhaps just a short nap…

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  1. I hate stuff like that. With a passion.

    Like colds.

    One day I said to myself “I’m cool. I’m going to do my workout with no shirt.”

    Got a cold. Sniffing for 2 weeks.

    Not good.

    Aha, hope you get better. 🙂

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