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Tanvir Naomi Bush Radio, Writing 2 Comments

My mini man flu flattened me. My head felt as if it had swollen to twice its size and my sight got as foggy as my brain. Even today, three days later I am still in pyjamas and still feeling as if I have been on a very long uphill walk when the truth is I have done nothing but lie down.
I have managed to drag my suitcase into the middle of the living room and when I get my breath back I shall start throwing things at it….looks like its going to be bloody chilly in Canada so will dig out the fur knickers. I desperately want to be well as I need to start getting fit for summer and I have put on a lot of winter weight. I promised myself I would learn to run properly and to date all I seem to have achieved are blisters and flu and I will need to start all over a bloody gain. (Hmmm.. that was a girlie sick winge was it not? My typing got really shrill. Sorry.)
I believe that in Canada I will get to hike, run, eat well and booze less to kick start it all. But I also believe that the earth is mounted on the back of a huge turtle who in turn is balanced on two elephants.

I am glad they caught that shipment of arms heading through SA to Zimbabwe…wonder who broke that story and what will happen next? They can’t let it through…can they? Can they?

Oh and the radio piece worked really well! Another one in pipeline out on Radio 4’s In Touch programme soon.

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  1. Hi Tanvir!
    I did not get to listen to the radio broadcast on the actual day but did listen to it online the next day…..something really cool about listening to it and hearing your voice..wanted to shout out loud and tell everyone..i know her…i do honest!!!
    But well done you and i look forward to the next one!
    I am so jealous of u heading to Canada! I was last there when i was 13! But still have very fond memories…not sure whereabouts u will be but vancouver is beautiful..something for everyone there! U will certainly be able to have all that healthy outdoor living but am sorry to burst your bubble …you know with all that fresh air those gin tonics will just go so well!!!
    Have a good time….when u going?

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