Wordless Wednesday.

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Bit late but with feeling! This is for all who i may have saddened a little with my last blog, especially the martini ladies (you know who you are). This photo was taken in Mombassa, Kenya and i feel strongly we should all meet there soon. Sleep well and may tomorrow be refreshing.

No news ..and yet all the news

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Bit weary and still waiting I saw the bloody child’s handprint on the crumbling walls of the Chinese school this week. Don’t think I didn’t hear the general in Rangoon laughing his billionaire head off. The woman running to the police station in Jo’burg tripped and her baby flew over her head and broke his nose on the tarmac but was too terrified to cry and she picked him up and they ran on. I saw that. I saw that […]

Scoping out the future

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I have been a bit slack about writing this last few days but I have an excuse. You see I went to an audition!! I had been really scared about and I danced ..but I fell over..but I got up and I started again and it was wonderful. They loved me and now I am going to study ballet at Julliard and I have an aging hairy boyfriend ..and…oh no wait…. That was ‘Flashdance’.

Missing Toronto already

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I was sitting in seat 36c yesterday, contemplating with some horror the steaming stuff on my tray table called ‘beffchikin’ by the air steward (sorry – in-flight service provider) and musing on Toronto. What was it about the funny little city that I was already missing so much?

Nappy Martinis, Extra Dry

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There was a faint pong of dirty nappies and gin in the airport lounge where I waited for my flight back from New York. I would have moved but my hangover was too great and the slightest movement makes me more nauseous. I had taken the bus from Toronto to Buffalo last Thursday. At the US border I had been shown, with excessive use of the word ‘ma’am’, to a holding pen full of other dodgy foreigners and left to […]