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Tanvir Naomi BushWriting 5 Comments

Bit weary and still waiting

I saw the bloody child’s handprint on the crumbling walls of the Chinese school this week. Don’t think I didn’t hear the general in Rangoon laughing his billionaire head off. The woman running to the police station in Jo’burg tripped and her baby flew over her head and broke his nose on the tarmac but was too terrified to cry and she picked him up and they ran on. I saw that. I saw that too.

I wait to hear about my own future and the millions seemingly without one still get up in the morning and wash their hair and dance. They still split and share their morning bread rolls and laugh at their drunken uncles and talk about ‘When’.

You know…I think I will be fine whatever happens next week.

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  1. Stop it! Stop it Lady! Stop with the bloody hand prints and babies with broken noses otherwise I will be forced to send you martinis and do you know how messy that will be? They do not ship well. DANG!

  2. its not a pretty world out there sweets but dont take it on your shoulders or dont you dare start to feel guilty that you are worrying about getting a job.
    Or as Suzie says we will be forced to take matters into our own hands and it may get messy! 🙂
    Keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you.

  3. well. i say. damn right. damn right. perspective perspective. XXXX janelle..but still. keep us all posted…you can WRITE girl!!! WHEW.

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