Oh Superman!

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Boris, Burma and a volcano in Chile. Hmmm…it has been mentioned that Boris has something that does look surprisingly like three small sixes tattooed on his bottom and a tendency to catch fire near churches. Could it really be just a coincidence?

I went to Niagara Falls with the beautiful A, who picked me up from Buffalo and took me sight seeing down (I kid you not) Factory Outlet Avenue. Classy eh?
So Niagara? It was quite depressing actually. Huge, breathtaking natural wonders dwarfed and diminished by the cheesy glittering tower blocks of hotels, fairground rides and fast food outlets leering down from either side.
I, for some bizarre reason, thought one would be approaching down a track through a wooded park not through a parking lot with a large ‘Candy Shack’ obscuring the view. Ho hum.

I did get a little frisson thinking that Christopher Reeves might have walked this very car park though during the filming of the marvellous 80’s epic, ‘Superman 2’. I was the right age for the baffling car crash of teenage idolatry when that film came out and was absolutely besotted with him. It was all a bit confusing what with him being an actor but, yet, being Superman. All through my early teenage years I would glance hopefully at the sky..just in case…you know.
I wonder if that has any bearing on my present inability to find a lover…the fact I keep looking skyward for dates. Eventually I might fall in love with a misplaced parachutist. Possibly a very short lived relationship…..

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  1. Hoorah! And again, I say hoorah! By random pressing of keys (my usual practice) I have found out how to find the English menu for Blogspot and can comment on your blog. Too bad I haven’t thought of anything to say, the effort to speak itself took all my mental energy. Ask Ruth to tell you about Eastern European squrrels.

  2. Thank you for your comments and glad you like the blog – I love Toronto, but also felt Niagara was a bit of a let down – “I thought it was going to be bigger” springs to mind which is a statement of disappointment that I use regularly.

    To get you over your Superman obsession, my brother just met the smallest stunt man in the world working currently on Wolfman. Apparently he was used as Superman in the flying scenes because being that small meant that they could make him look further away. I know. Sorry. I bet you’re gutted, but I feel it will help you longterm. You won’t be looking out for teeny weeny men in the sky any more.

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