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I have been a bit slack about writing this last few days but I have an excuse. You see I went to an audition!! I had been really scared about and I danced ..but I fell over..but I got up and I started again and it was wonderful. They loved me and now I am going to study ballet at Julliard and I have an aging hairy boyfriend ..and…oh no wait…. That was ‘Flashdance’.

Well I have an audition..ok a job interview for real. Today, in London, and I REALLY would like to do it. It is one of those jobs that comes along once or twice a decade and usually goes to someone with a couple of degrees in Management Speak but that aside it has the potential to help thousands of disabled people in UK. And, if you help us disabled people we will become over achievers and inspirational motivators and change society for the better. So there.

Most disabled people have to become courageous, patient, tenacious and think creatively. And that is just to get to the shops. Tap into that demographic, source the resources and standards that are our basic rights to live equally and vabaoom! Anything is possible.
So this afternoon I, actually in a dress, will go and chat for an hour with five people who may allow me to help change the future. No biggie then…..

Dennis has a hang over from eating all the peanut balls that were there for the finches. Serves him right..bloody squirrel.

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