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Funnily enough I quite enjoyed the interview even though I spent the next 24 hours shaking and occasionally squeaking ‘Oh my GOD…did I say that? They must think I am an idiot!!’ (It is amazing what comes out of my mouth when I am under pressure.)

It was an hour and a half of quite intense interrogation including my presentation on ‘integrating strategic quality assurance and needs assessment analysis to the demographic…’. It will be worth NOT getting the job just so I never have to be so boring again…

And now it’s Saturday and I still haven’t heard.

Either this means they have told the lucky winner and the rest of us will get ‘a letter in the post’ or – and as likely- they are unable to come to a decision between themselves. This doesn’t bode too well for the future of the project…!

Hey ho, there is nothing I can do now but get on with the bank holiday and ensure that I strategically integrate the Cambridge real ale festival in to my CV….…

Have a good weekend wheresoere you may be dear readers! And a huge thank you for your support and thoughts! (If I don’t get the job I may have to tap you for a fiver…)

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  1. hi sweets,
    glad the interview went well and i am sure you have blown them away ..they will be lucky to have you! I sent u an sms a couple of days ago but havent heard from you so was a bit worried.but i see u r well and thinking of important things like the real ale festival 🙂
    Pity we didnt get in touch as we cud have taken a drive and help u with your research in real ale….very important 🙂
    Sadly it is not a long weekend for me..am working on monday! why do these passengers choose to travel on public holidays….very inconsiderate! Hope to hear frm u soon hun!

  2. think responsive universe. think responsive universe. think responsive universe. step into The Space Ship now…prepare for take off, Earthling. have a fab week-end too T!!! and let us KNOW!!! lots love xx janelle

  3. Sometimes it just takes a while for people to make a decision so who knows, it may be too early to say where this is going.

    One thing to keep in mind if you got the job — you and I would end up having a management-speak wrestling contest and if you won we would have to end our friendship.

    So maybe the silence is a good thing?

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