A Crock

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I am here! I have just been doing a bit of dashing around. Will catch up tomorrow but in the meantime does anyone know what this tree is? I came across it in Kenya last December. They call it the Crocodile Tree…Isn’t it gorgeous!!

Milking it.

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You know when you listen to your recorded voice..if you hear yourself on an answer phone or on an old cassette…and it sounds daft or just odd? Well, I feel the same way when I catch sight of my reflection or see myself in photos. ‘Who is that ridiculous woman?’ I hiss. ‘What a funny face. What an odd shape.’

Running my mouth.

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Did I run? I did not. Partly because I got a text at 5am from a bored friend trapped at Luton airport, thought ‘ah well… I’m awake now I might as well get up,’ and then promptly fell into a deep abyss of dreamless sleep and woke up only just in time to scramble over to the CAB offices to answer phone calls from distressed, depressed and occasionally extremely unpleasant folk in various stages of crises. Kind of lost the […]

New Year all round.

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So here I am in the next year of my life. To tell you the truth it feels a little bit like the last one only a bit stiffer. As still feeling hungover from lovely gentle birthday bash in rain I will keep this short. Also will have to get a decent nights sleep as I promised myself I would start running again in the mornings. What kind of an idiotic birthday gift to self is that? Why didn’t I […]

Birthday Solstice

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Holy smoke..what heppened to the time? must have been that vintage cider! Ladies and gentlement, tomorrow is the summer solstice and..yup..my birthday. Tis all a bit bemusing to be off an age where most people have children, mortgages, bald spots, and savings. I have …an over active imagination, an exhausted liver and always the feeling of discombobulation that makes me feel that i am still searching for something elusive , strange and truly beautiful. Maybe this year eh?

Fairly magik

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Yesterday I went to the Town and Country Fair with my floaty neighbour.. The weather was chilly and sunny in equal bursts with occasional splodges of fat rain drops …there is nothing quite like the English summer. My eyes have been a bit difficult this last week so at first I was subdued and sullen wandering around between the organic jam stalls and the sheep shearing. Things brightened up considerably after I bumped into the vintage cider stall however. A […]

You Lookin’ At Me?

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Taxi driver: You got tunnel vision then.. Me: I..err. well ye….. Taxi driver: Its that stick what give it away. I saw it and I thought that one’s got tunnel vision. I was going to give you a hand but then you was in already. Silence Me: (realising I was supposed to comment) Err …so you know about …tunnel vision.. Taxi Driver: Yeah I meet lots of them people and their dogs. In fact I am in charge of organising […]

Fag Ash Bill

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In an attempt to cheer myself up I send out invitations to an impromptu BBQ for Sunday and then I get all lycra’d up and head to the gym. I slip past two innocuous middle-aged men standing into the doorway of the gym. They are smoking. ‘Smoking outside the gym? Very brave.’ I josh ‘You have a problem with that?’ replies one flatly. I glance over my shoulder at him. His tone was really nasty. The other chap had laughed […]

Mugabe and the Vasda Nerada

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Mugabe walks up to the UN podium stiffly, like the terrifying spaceman taken over by the Vashda Nerada in Dr. Who last week. I know I know…this is possibly not the most academic when it comes to serious political analysis but the Vashda Narada in Dr. Who live in the shadows, are deadly and are called the piranhas of the air, reducing anything that comes in to their path to bones and dust. A comparison has to be made surely. […]