Bugger the Truth.

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We had our day of summer yesterday..huge, high cirrus clouds and blue, blue sky. I went to a friend’s BBQ in a place called Whittlesford. She had a gorgeous 3-tiered garden and a wooden bridge water feature with a lawn that unlike mine, was all grass. At one point in the sun-kissed, wine drenched, drowsy afternoon I ended up being given a lecture by a white haired architect about the way the Twin Towers had fallen on September 11th ; […]

Today i will mostly be Up The Hill Backwards in New York!

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I am guest blogging on my cousin’s fabulous site http://upthehillbackwards2.blogspot.com/ today, whilst she is away. (She did ask me you know..I don’t make it a habit to blast in and write on people’s blogs whilst they are on holiday.hmmm now there’s an idea..) . She does wonderful, ludicrous parenting blogs from her tiny New York apartment..not quite ‘Sex In The City’ ..more ‘Babies and Titty’ . She is becoming somewhat of a celebrity in the world of nappies and dummies […]

Job Lot.

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I have a free day. Nothing to do but job applications and essential gardening and house cleaning. So I pull out my rucksack and gear up for a hike along the river. Only I have to return in less then an hour because my eyes are shit. I stagger and squint and my eyes flic flic flic looking for the safe ground. Defeated and infuriated I retreat to the flat. If only there were no people around. I wouldn’t mind […]

Thighs the Limit.

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Thanks for the thoughts and really I am fine! In fact I felt so much better that I overdid it in my weights class at the gym and now cannot bend. Funny enough, talking of thighs, I couldn’t help noticing how knock kneed Boris Johnson was at the closing ceremony of the Olympics yesterday. He looked like he had the posh version of rickets. Having said that he didn’t screw up the hand over by dropping the flag (and don’t […]

An Apple a day dear.

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Levy Mwanawasa died. He was only 59 and turns out he had been doing, comparitively, rather a sterling job as Zambia’s Prime Minister. He had actually told Mugabe where to get off. Sadly he had been involved in a terrible car crash some years ago. Dad was one of the medics who helped get him prepped to be medi-vacced (flown out of the country for treatment) and Dad had said he was very lucky to have survived in the first […]

Not the olive branch.

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I am at the wrong party. Well that’s not strictly true. . I am at the right party but I am wrong. You see my old school buddy J has thrown an outdoor afternoon party in London but the weather haas turned out truly foul. Since morning it has been threatening to rain; the wind is chill and it is more then gloomy. It is dank. Consequently all the un-babied people, except me, have stayed in bed nursing hangovers leaving […]

Don’t bother with the audio description..

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I love-love-a-love films where famous film stars play blind people. Badly. They stare at fixed points. They have very stiff necks, they turn their bodies slowly and carefully like they are very, very old…or zombiefied. This is called ‘doing blind’.Usually their character’s blindness means they seem a little learning impaired. Certainly they have been horribly abused or suffered great trauma so are withdrawn and tend to sit silently in rooms and scare people. They can be bitter. But really, once […]

Airpors R Us

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There is a woman on telly. She is trying to get from Gori to Tbilisi. The car she was in swerved and turned over and they are all lucky to be alive. Her hands shake and she touches her chest as if to reassure herself her heart is beating. On the other channel is a programme hosted by a female twit with a desperate lear. Its called ‘The British Suck in Bed.’ I think the title is supposed to be […]

Norway 1: Zambia 1

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I am in a taxi with the mother-of the –groom, Toni, and the groom’s sister,T. We are holding our breath. The taxi waited five minutes to collect us and the meter already reads Kroner160…….£16…….$32. I croak something about ‘hellfire’ and the mother-of the-groom turns, eyes blazing to the driver. The groom’s sister, and my partner in crime from childhood, looks at me and grins. This driver is going to need therapy.By the time we are back at the hotel the […]

Clouded Vision

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Today my eyes are full of smoke and cotton wool and just a short walk out of the house leaves me nervy and stressed.A middle aged American woman runs over to me ‘Excuse me, excuse me?’I think she is going to ask me about my cane or why I am lurching around instead of walking straight but she looks past my face…she is pointing at my feet.. At my sandals actually.‘Please’ she is desperate. ‘May I ask where you got […]