Bugger the Truth.

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We had our day of summer yesterday..huge, high cirrus clouds and blue, blue sky. I went to a friend’s BBQ in a place called Whittlesford. She had a gorgeous 3-tiered garden and a wooden bridge water feature with a lawn that unlike mine, was all grass.

At one point in the sun-kissed, wine drenched, drowsy afternoon I ended up being given a lecture by a white haired architect about the way the Twin Towers had fallen on September 11th ; sliced and collapsed very professionally. This had not been due to the planes but instead to a kind of explosive, thermide and C4, that had been found in the rubble. He drew the foundations of the Twin Towers in the air and made a chopping motion…. ‘there…and there… It’s on the footage of course. You can check it anytime…’

He continued with the BBC report on the collapse of Building 7 ..which had STILL been standing, looming over the female reporter, at the time she had filed her report. It did collapse of course but no one had questioned why she had described it in detail several minutes before it had actually happened.
There was more…much more. The bit of fuselage found by the Pentagon had been too small for the implicated plane. It belonged to an unmanned drone the Americans had been testing in the months running up to September. Basically the Pentagon had been hit by a missile.

Everything pointed to a ‘false flag’ event perpetrated by the US government in order to create substantial grounds for war and subsequently for more control and power for a very small group of Neo Cons and cronies.

He was part of a group ‘The Truth about 9/11’ gathering evidence on this to be presented to Congress and he was sure a date would be announced soon but he worried that the Bush/ Cheney contingent would elicit another ‘false flag’ before the next election which, by dint of the Patriot Act being now enforceable, would mean that Bush would remain in power without having to go to an election.
It was a lot to take in. Not that I haven’t heard some of these conspiracies before. I had just filed them in my mind under ‘potentially Roswell.’ Now, with these more detailed facts and the severity and seniority of the lecturer I felt less flippant.

The man sighed and drank more red wine. The sun jittered and jumped across his glass and a plane droned overhead. His wife meandered past en route to the fridge, looked at him and made a questioning twin tower gesture with her arms at me. I nodded discreetly. She rolled her eyes.

The Truth may be Out There but it is still a Bit of a Bugger.

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  1. When I was very young I nervously asked my dad about a conspiracy theory (the Illuminati). He took me aside and gently told me that some people invent these things to make the world simpler and more vindictive, when actually life’s pretty random and too complex for neat theories. I stick by that to this day.

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