Thighs the Limit.

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Thanks for the thoughts and really I am fine! In fact I felt so much better that I overdid it in my weights class at the gym and now cannot bend. Funny enough, talking of thighs, I couldn’t help noticing how knock kneed Boris Johnson was at the closing ceremony of the Olympics yesterday. He looked like he had the posh version of rickets. Having said that he didn’t screw up the hand over by dropping the flag (and don’t tell me you didn’t have bets on it) . The Chinese displays were phenomenal and terrifying in their discipline. Human mass as machine. Did you see the Memory Tower? It fair blew my mind.
I was actually pretty impressed with the British bit too….the double-decker bus full of legendary contemporary dance troupes like Candoco topped off by the sizzling riffs of Jimmy Page! (Shame about Leona Lewis though when we have so many other legendary female voices to share.. Poor girl. She isn’t exactly blessed with The Smarts is she? Bet her and Beckham got on like a house on fire.)
Oh GAWD!!! Look what I just did?! Celebrity slagging. For Pete’s Sake I haven’t even met these I feel all dirty and immediately need to balance this rubbish out with a real story only I haven’t got one on this cool, breezy, bank holiday morning. I lay in bed earlier listening to the doves cooing and the trees hushing the wind (and Dennis vandelising the bird table again..little sod) trying to cobble together something pithy or witty or warm. But nowt. Over to you Gary Larson.

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  1. Ha! Love it. You are a funny funny lass. I missed ALL of the olympics, can you believe it. Oh except Cuba and Mongolia boxing when I was last in the gym. Ah well. 2012.

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