RIP Levy

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President Levy Mwanawasa is being buried today in Lusaka and Rupiah Banda becomes acting Head of State for the next 90 days whist everyone regroups and figures out what to do next.
Will the Cobra strike again or wil someone sensible prevail? I see Mugabe is at the funeral. Bit creepy really. If anyone sees him dance let me know.

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    ‘King Cobra’ was the name given to Michael Sata the current leader of the Patriotic front. He got the name for his venomous outbursts, bullying tactics and agressive posturing. He looks more like an elderly pitbull then a snake but he is ‘quite popular’ and has a rather interesting array of henchmen. He may well try again for Pres. Watch this space…

  2. Snakes of all markings and colours trying and vying for power. God is that Palin woman not scary over there on the other big continent with bad presidents.
    Losing Levy is really crap.

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