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I am standing on one leg waiting to step forward and say something motivational to nearly 100 people who have turned up at the Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision for the opening of the ‘Sight of Emotion’ photographic exhibition when I have a realisation. You see, for a couple of weeks I have been trying to figure out what it is that my new perfume really smells of. I have got the ylang ylang and the hint of sandlewood,I have noted the musky vanilla but there is something ..else…and I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think what it is.
A second before I have to step out into the dazzle of other people’s eye lines I realise. Its soy sauce. A very expensive, organic Japanese sweet soy sauce to be sure but soy sauce none the less.
It makes sense. Ever since I started wearing it I have been cooking every meal in a wok (including breakfast) and when I have been out in company its takes only 10 minutes before someone orders sushi.
I am about to speak for 5 minutes about photography, art and disability and I smell like noodles.

(As it turns out no one seems to notice but afterwards the teriyaki chicken sticks fly off the buffet table. )

The exhibition is called ‘Sight of Emotion’; photographs by visually impaired or blind artists. I have four pieces in this travelling exhibition and am ‘representing’ the other photographers that I worked with last year. I talk from the heart (assisted by a sneaky nerve steadying glass of Cava) and two women in the audience start crying. I am slightly distracted by this as my intention was to inspire not cause distress but turns out the tears were cathartic. I could have had the whole audience sobbing if I’d been given another twenty minutes. Perhaps I should change my presentation style…..

Well..its been emotional. I’m off for some miso soup and bean curd.

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  1. Wow, das pretty impressive. Well done you. Only time I ever make people cry is when I step on their toes or kick them in the shins.
    Soy sauce, huh? Could be worse I guess. Heh heh. Love your blog

  2. Wow, T. I wish I could have been in the audience. Not that I cry easily or anything…Congrats on another achievement, you are nothing short of stellar.

  3. I’m sure you smelt cultured if anything. Very arty to eat Japanese if I’m not mistaken.

    People are much more easily moved to emotion than we might imagine. Don’t feel too bad if people start to cry – if anything you probably helped them get in touch with themselves so hats off to you Tanv because I think you’re totally amazing.

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