To the Lighthouse!

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And now it rains and rains…and I feel like I am a Joni Mitchell song.
Blue, here is a shell for you
Inside youll hear a sigh
A foggy lullaby
There is your song from me

As the weather dictates, I have crawled into bed where I read…I let me repeat that..READ! My wonderful American Cousins have sent me something called a Sony Reader. It is basically an electronic book which means I can download novels and biographies and reference books and histories and lots and lots of bad thrillers and I can pump up the font and lie in bed and read. I haven’t been able to lie around reading for over two years now. By the time I get to the end of a day my damaged retinas are too tired to grip pages without pumping up the light so much light that ships come crashing into my walls mistaking my flat for a lighthouse. Even with ironically blinding light it is often still just not possible to lie back and read…..the words on the pages seem smeared and torn and float and bubble.

Audio books are an option but have you ever tried to reread a sentence whilst listening to an audio book? Impossible. You get distracted..can’t go back, get bored…hate the actor’s voice..fall asleep. Reading with my own eyes means I can go back and forth over the paragraph, make my own private universe within the stories.. I am once again an independent reader, an astronaut, and adventurer. A Reader of Books.

This blog raises a toast to some of the loveliest people on earth..them that sent me this device! You know who you are!! Thank you!

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  1. The American salute your magical worlds. I am so glad it is working now. Now I have lots of crap romance novels for you to read.

  2. ah you can sing that brad song now:
    “i’m the luckiest girl in the world.
    my dreams have come truuuuue.
    i’m LUCKIER (sang in snarly way) THAN YOU!” triumphant!
    XXX janelle

  3. 1) your relatives are so generous and lovely, what a thoughtful gift
    2) are they taking people on a waiting list to be added to their extended family??

  4. happy reading … dont forget to blog now and again 🙂
    ps could you send us some of that rain when you’ve had enough??

  5. Fantastic. I’m a fan of listening to stories, but prefer being read to than audio books and its true, there’s nothin like the real thing of just you and the words. looks bloody marvelous now all you need is an automated gin and tonic mixer.

  6. Post

    Thanks y’all. An automated gin and tonic maker is definately on my Xmas list..wonder what would happpen if you chucked all ingrediants in a teasmaid?
    Ta Val, I’ll keep blogging and please TAKE the RAIN..holy soggy trouser cuffs!
    T xxx

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