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I apologise. Have been out of sorts this week..scratchy and irritable due to the fact I have been slightly more blinded (complications happen…they pass) and I am still waiting to hear on the job from 17th . As I didn’t hear on Friday I suspect I shall be getting the ‘Dear John’ letter next week. Ho hum.

I couldn’t concentrate and my blogging kept descending into ranting. It had started low key along the lines..If this blog were a room I’d be trashing it. If this blog were a cage I’d be pacing up and down up and down
It gradually got more disturbed. …. If this blog were a photocopier I’d be the empty toner cartridge. If this blog were Georgia I’d be a Russian road block. If this blog was the new Zimbabwean power share I would be the paper it wasn’t worth writing on. (Errr? Ed.) If this blog were a swan it would be the flu under its pin feathers.. etc. I thought it best to ‘select all’ and delete’.

Today though, my eyes released me and the light was lovely, golden and warm. High skies of blue. I decided with deference to the lovely Gold Puppy person to take myself off on a long walk and chill the hell …out! (Do check out her blog and especially her gorgeous photos. This one’s for you!) I walked for nearly 4 hours and am so knackered I still can’t think properly!

If this blog were a book it would be missing the last two chapters.

Cambridge: River Cam. Oct o8. Tanvir (c)

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  1. Its general. Don’t worry about it, it shall pass. My dad just wrote to say he’d also had major blockages. For me, its second guessing everything I write. Yep, select all delete. I have about 4 unfinishable posts in drafts.

    Hang in there and go for those walks.
    Oh, but this post is beautiful anyway, I love it. So i guess the lesson is just be with what is.

    And if you don’t get this job, its time to fundraise for some collaborations. xxx

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos!
    And love the way you put your frustration…good luck for the job!
    Ps-You said you reached my blog in a “Potteresque” manner…perhaps you’d like to check out the blog that’s linked there, called “Felix Felicis” 🙂

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