Pink Ball Blues

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I bought a pink pilates ball. I blew it up and put it in front of the TV. The idea is that when I am watching endless amounts of mind numbing, soul zapping ,flab spreading, wibbling, rubbish; honing the shortness of my attention span and ensuring all my ethics, polices and global current affairs come filtered through the glib, greedy, greasy saturated fat of pressurised media methodology…any way when I am doing that..I get to work my core muscles at the same time.

I will be an empty shell but the shell will have good abs.

However…..what I actually do best on that Pilates ball is eat vast quantities of stir-fry bouncing idly and whooping at the Daily Show.

I can eat twice my body weight because the bouncing seems to ease the food down.

Eventually I will burst the bloody thing…..ho hum…

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  1. be very careful those things are dangerous. Especially after wine. I fell off one last year and put my knee through a glass bookshelf. I’m still paying for the bloody hospital bills.

  2. That is THE BEST post I’ve read all day, I love it! Exercise and I were never friends, but I keep trying.

    Thanks for the smile! Have fun with that thing–

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  5. Haha. Great post. Yes, don’t do what Tam did. She now has an impressive scar that looks like a shark bite. Maybe you could sew little horns on and you could bounce around your flat? Remember those things?

  6. brilliant brilliant description of TV force food like media pate de foi gras (sp??)production; good concept re the pink ball tho dont drink and drive like Tam…
    another great post – thanks!

  7. You are too much fun!

    Am laughing my head off over here in Canada!

    Just what I needed, things were getting far to serious over here. eh eh eh!

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