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Ah Sunday mornings…
I was lying in bed listening to the icy rain ‘plink’ and ‘ting’ (it’s my new hip hop album) on the window this morning all cosy and dreamy thanking various deities that I was not;
A: a farmer
B: a parent
C: responsible for ..well anything really
I have known many people who find that long sumptuous lie ins are not for them, that they get clammy sweats under the duvet past 7:30 am and that they go wall eyed with guilt if they feel they have wasted a morning in semi conscious slumber. Of course I understand this and indeed occasionally suffer from this inability to be louche in the mornings too but mostly this affliction hits during the summer. In winter a lie in on a Sunday for me is a little like finding £50 in a sock or being told that you made someone feel better when they were having a hard day. Bloody marvellous.

Talking about finding dosh in a sock I am still unable to vacuum my living room as I haven’t found the £50 a loving relative slipped me for good behaviour several weeks ago. It was in a tiny plastic money bag and I went and dropped it…I know it was inside and I have searched everywhere but with dodgy eyes I can’t seem to find it. Given as this is an entire month’s gym membership, a week of my Vodaphone cell phone bill or half a day of my heating expenses you can see how this might be rather perturbing. I am sure it will turn up…like my blue butterfly earrings.

Might have to get out of bed and look properly. Oooofffff alright already..…give us a minute….

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  1. very precious, those lie-ins. I have spent many diligent mornings ignoring the guilt that NJC used to inflict on me with his ‘the morning is the best part of the day’ comments.
    I do hope you find the cash. eek.

  2. I love a good sleep-in. But seem to have equal joy in occasionally beating everyone (except new parents and farmers) up. Like this morning – up at 5!! Of course it helps that the dawn chorus was calling me, and the warm rain…
    And I *have* been a farmer, AND a parent. And if it had been recently, I’m sure I would have not found the early rising a novelty!

  3. Great post, as always, I was laughing my head off.

    My british husband loves his “lie in’s too”, but we don’t call them lie ins in Canada, we call this extra time cozied up in bed, “sleeping in.” For the 1st 6 months of our marriage I couldn’t figure out why Mark wanted to stay in bed for a LION? I thought maybe he was having spiritual dreams involving those big wild and wonderful African Cats.
    Anyway, we have got this one worked out now. eh eh eh.

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