Phoney Sex

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I am in a bit of a happy swirl today as I have received my very first blog award! Isn’t it beautiful! The ‘bunch of beer’ makes me exceedingly happy. Thank you so very much for nominating me Gordon! I am jumping for joy! Talking of jumping up and down I think I may have mentioned my ‘urban rebound’ class at the gym? Well, the class is quite tough and there is a lot of panting and gasping in the […]


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Its raining….that cold rain that somehow drips into the top of your shoes and catches you on the ear even if you are wearing a hat and twirling a brolly. I went for a walk in it to try to snap myself out of the lethargy that has cocooned me this afternoon but it just made me more melancholy. I had to go to Boots chemist to get some sun screen for my trip to Zambia in a couple of […]

Barack At Bloody Last!

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Tomorrow is Barack Obama’s day! Poor sod. What a world he inherits from the Twit and the Demon Cheney. But he can do it, right? Right! So we are going to partaaayyyy in our rusty little British hearts, we are going to sing in the bath and have extra toast, we will wear clean socks and we may even make eye contact with our neighbours…well okay possibly a BIT far. So lets raise a glass to America tomorrow and cross, […]

Fiddling with the Truth.

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  I know my last post was a little frugal when it came to profundity. This is the thing: my grandparents on my father’s side were 2nd generation East End London Jews. They came from (my Grandmother) Russia; near Odessa and (my Grandfather) Poland, Krakow. Originally my father’s surname was Shimansky, a name with great history, meaning and magic. The Shimansky’s were healers and wise people. My grandfather was working in Shepherd’s Bush market when the Second World War broke […]

Surviving Gaza.

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Nope, I am not someone who flourishes in the cold. I am in fact such a wuss that I have a tendency to clean my teeth in warm water. As Cambridge freezes around me I withdraw muttering and whimpering to pace around my little flat in search of warmer socks. I try not to keep the heat on all day but its hard when working from home (when I say ‘working’ I mean glaring balefully at my unedited book and […]

Back in the flat.

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Hey there! How was your Christmas/ Hanukah/ holiday season? I’m back in Cambridge. Its cold outside, grey as concrete with frost in the air. 2009 seems tentative, nervous like my brother and my mum’s partner who like lunatics decided to swim in the sea on Christmas day! I kindly stayed out of their way and took photos. Bro and John (avec Xmas hat) and the freezing sea! Luckily it was gorgeously sunny! Lunatics! I was in Cabrille, Spain in a […]