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Its raining….that cold rain that somehow drips into the top of your shoes and catches you on the ear even if you are wearing a hat and twirling a brolly. I went for a walk in it to try to snap myself out of the lethargy that has cocooned me this afternoon but it just made me more melancholy. I had to go to Boots chemist to get some sun screen for my trip to Zambia in a couple of weeks and in a moment of irrationality I sprayed myself with a perfume called ‘Sensuous’. Not just my wrist but my neck too. (Well it said ‘Sensuous’ and I am ever hopeful). It reeked. The man next to me in the checkout queue began to choke and I had to rush out before I caused an international incident. I have been leaving a tell-tail stench behind me like the vapour trail of a Boeing 747 since leaving the shop. It will probably take two baths and a whole lot of extra flannel to de- ‘Sensuous’ myself.. Sigh….

Days like these should be spent in bed with someone or playing cards with friends or juggling children. As a bachelorette I make my own fun…no no..goodness…what filthy minds you have. No I mean sorting through clothes for second hand shops, writing lists, eating soup from the pan to save on washing up, idling on social networking sites and watching the DVDs I only got out because I had a ‘get one get one free’ card from Blockbuster. Vegging out is the phrase I believe.

There is of course work to be done. I had forgotten, in all the excitement of writing a book, that I was supposed to be applying for an MA course at two prestigious universities and I now only have a week to do so. I should be experimenting with my new camera. I should be writing my pitch for the Amazon Breakout Competition. I should be looking for jobs but hell, it’s Sunday and it’s raining and that perfume seems to have damaged my central nervous system. I am incapable of ‘deep thought’ or action. I drift in a cloud of ‘Sensuous’ that is beginning to make me slightly nauseous.

Wonder if it keeps mosquitoes away…?


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  1. LOL Now I’m dying to have a whiff of it just so I can have the experience…I’ll be hanging ’round an airport on Tuesday and will be sure to look for the nearest perfume counter!

    Good luck getting the applications and pitch done–and I hope the weather cheers up, for all of us.

  2. oooh i did that the other day! not on the neck though, thankfully. HATE that when it happens! ever since i was a spray spritz girl for Estee lauder’s floral sickness “Pleasures”, I am very wary of the spritz. Good luck with all your to-dos. xx

  3. Great post – I know what you mean about perfume being Just Too Strong. I sneeze! ANd we had a young female teacher when I was about 8 who wore too much perfume. The boys used to call her ‘Stink Bomb’.

  4. Ha ha ha, nothing like the toxic effect of commercial perfume, YUCK, you poor thing! At least it makes a good story, we’re all laughing our heads off, as usual. I come to your blog whenever I need cheering up, it is a guaranteed belly laugh.

    Thanks for making our humanness so damn hilarious. I think this is our only hope!
    ha ha ha.
    You’re just GREAT!

  5. Ah I’ve been having many of those days of late – minus the perfume and the fact that I’ve just written a BOOK!!
    Nao is right – you’re just GREAT!!

  6. Post

    Thanks for the comments you lovely lot! Susan, for your airport check and Tam it WAS an Estee maloderous!
    Hi Katherine, am greatly enjoying your blog too. Hows do you feel its going?
    Nao and Miranda! Oooofff you make my heart sing! Ta!
    Tanvi xx

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