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Forgive me folks..its been a while since my last blog session. I am in Zambia at the moment. In Livingstone in fact, in the Business centre of the Zambezi Sun hotel listening to the sound of a band playing marimbas (wooden xylophones.) It is the first time in ten days I have had a decent enough connection to post and apologies for the lack of illustrations.
From this room I can hear the distant thunder of the Victoria Falls. It has just rained so everything is cool and steamy now but I am still tingling all over from lying hungover and belly swollen from a fulll English breakast in the gorgeous sun by the languid blue pool this morning. last post had snow in it.
This one has sunburn.
And monkeys.
Bloody bastards stole my suncream.

I spent last week in the bustle and grime of Lusaka seeking out things to phoograph for The Project. The light is wonderful but tricky especially with my daft vision. It is the rainy season and so things go from bright primary colours to gloweriig dark purple storminess in seconds. Huge hammerheaded clouds drift menacingly high overhead and occasionally thick cool cloud covers everything.
People are less relaxed about having their photographs taken too. There has been much change in the last few years since I was filming in the communities out here. The gulf between rich and poor is widening, shored up by gouts of AID money. People are desperate and can become understandably agressive at the ‘muzungu (white person) snapping away. A couple of days ago I was the centre of a frightening clash in the City market and was only just pulled out from being potentially battered by the quick thinking (and brutal shoving) of my father’s partner.
Its different here of course, tourists are postively encouraged to shoot endless amounts of footage so I shall go exploring and see what i find. But not immediately…I think I might need to rest again…..
Well I better go and get organised for some more lying around. Thanks fo
r you patience with this blog and I’ll be back in full flood as soon as pos! And also – THANK YOU for your lovely comments on me last posting. means a great deal!

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  1. ah wish i could be there too..still sulking about being back from riding safari…greedy, huh? anyway. enjoy The Homeland darlin’! XX janelle

  2. I miss you. Dont get into trouble there. Please do not cause any riots tittle waves or politcial unrest. I know your family your all trouble

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