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Its summer and I know this not just because there is actually sunlight! Not only because everyone is out in vest tops even though there was a frost this morning. Not only because someone actually nodded a greeting at me but essentially because my neighbour opposite has begun to ‘share’ his music. He does this each summer placing his speakers carefully in his windows and pushing the dial up to G20 riot police mode. Luckily his taste is not as […]

Hot Cross Buns

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  Easter weekend: part one:   I can see the pavement at my feet in a clear oval of sight, pale, yellow, paving stones, some cracked and dirty, some shifted and sticking out of alignment. My oval of sight is about ten inches across right in front of my nose. Like all tunnels it expands outwards and by the time it has extended to the pavement it is about five to ten feet across.   That’s enough to see paving […]

Shooting Fences

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Over the past couple of weeks I have started at least five blog posts…I tried writing about my interview at Bath Spa University, the week of training workshops in London, the film I saw the other night, the fact that my local supermarket has started selling the incredibly delicious bison grass vodka for a mere £15 a bottle.But no matter what I wrote I have felt it to be silly and weak. My writing has been sulking. Stumped on Saturday […]

Its all about the interpretation.

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Please do not adjust your sets…normal transmission will begin again shortly. I promise. Inspiration got sucked away last week in a flurry of London commuting and misguided miscommunication but have ordered some more on the internet and am told it will take 3 to 5 working days. In the meantime, as I cannot show you MY interpretive dance, here is a photo of a Makishi dancer to convey my current mood! I’ll be back as soon as possible! Makishi Dancer: […]