Doctor’s Visit

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Hotel and conference centre: Banbury: Sat 16th My dad, known to this blog’s readers as The Doctor, arrived from Lusaka ten days ago and I am afraid, as per usual things, got a little nutso. Immediately there was the 50 year reunion of his old dental school The Royal. (yep, The Doctor did dentistry before he did medicine.) As the only offspring available I am allowed to attend although I am bit edgy as I will be the youngest at […]

Tuesdays and a Bit of Blind Panic (Long Post Warning)

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Following my last blog, I have been asking myself, ‘well why DO you write you loon? Explain yourself. After all you do tend to spend a hellish amount of time with what I call ‘writer’s block’ and other people might call ‘the television on’.’ Then it hit me. I write because of days like Tuesday. Let me explain. (It’s a bit of a long read this one. You can skip to the ‘conclusion’ if you are in a rush.) Tuesday […]

Rather Good Vibrations – and another blog award!

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It is light again long into the evening and I am feeling less like a demented Cinderella frantically trying to get home before darkness. Last weekend I went up to in Kinross in Scotland to catch up with a friend from an old (and very weird) boarding school. She returned from Australia a few years ago with a whole family of her own and now they live in a pretty close in a controlled riot of musical instruments, skate boards, […]