Polls and Poles.

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Wonder what’s going to happen in Iran. It would seem the encrusted sandal of the religious right is about to crush any spark of reform. Do we hope for revolution or do we wish for people to stay safe and hide inside? Image from internet
From the Sunday sunshine of a Cambridge morning with doves cooing and church bells in the distance, a country fair on the green with the sweet smell of fried onions and burnt sugar on the breeze, riots, rage, death and demonic demagogues seem far, far away….



Having wafted off into an advert for the English tourism board I do have to pull back and have a rather serious perturbed winge about the state of play here in UK. After all how can we stand up against the sleaze and toothless, pink faced sweaty stupidity of the British National Party, shake fists at the greed of the banks, demand equality for all when at the same time condoning the vast gluttonous indulgence of the football industry. Ronaldo is transferred for 80 million and on a salary of £500,000 a week. This vain, young man may well be a great athlete, he may well have come from a tin hut in some mosquito ridden favela but please don’t fall for the line that this gross amount of money is a ‘symbol’ of hope for the oppressed masses hoping that they too one day will rise from their hovels to kick a ball in Manchester, marry some botoxed apparition, get embroiled in some ugly rape scandal, and disappear off at the age of 35 into broadcasting obscurity and alcoholism. That gross amount of money is purely that. Gross.
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Anyway I withdraw growling and fully aware that greed is what makes the West go around and around and my firm belief that no one in the world should be able to earn more then £100,000 a year is never going to be popular..

And it’s sunny…
So quit thy harridan’s witter woman.

Actually there were a couple of endings this week. On Tuesday the photographic workshops came to the close of the first phase. The participants had selected a photo and we had made them each posters and the ensuing exhibition was joyful in the extreme. Their friends, family and colleagues wandered around the room continuously saying how astounded they were. how they had never imagined that blind and visually impaired people could take such remarkable shots (sorry i can’t show you yet but I hope soon some will be on an on -line exhibition!)
‘This is my photo of a thrown away piece of wood,’ said Mr. O. ‘When I saw the photo I realised it had bought out something beautiful in the wood and it made me think that all thrown away things have something beautiful still to be found. I have called this photo ‘Hope’. ‘

‘Nuff said.

My beginner’s pole dancing class also came to an end and there will sadly be no whipping around shouting ‘wheeee’ on poles until the intermediate class starts up next month. Just so you know this class wasn’t about sex..nope..this class was not even about grace and style..oh no oh no! This class, being beginners, was just lunatic gymnastics mixed in with the child-like memories of climbing trees..OK that was me. I shall have to take it more seriously for the intermediate class….point toes and stuff. …..but for now…‘WHEEEEEE!’
‘ pole’ (c) T. Bush

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  1. The pole-dancing looks like SO much fun! If firefighters get to do it, why not? LOL

    Mr. O's work and title really is a stunner. I wish I could have seen the exhibition. Congratulations!

  2. wheeeee! Man that looks like fun! What next then? Been thinking about you. What happens now with the novel? Despite my infrequent internet presence right now, i do have lots to discuss. Will sit myself down at some point. Take care dear.

  3. hey tanvi! loved the piccie of you swinging down the pole!!! and great post. god. that whole ronado thing is positively disgusting. it just is. its such a disease. x j

  4. Post

    Hellooo thee Susan, Tam and Janelle,
    Lovely to get your comments as always you super lot! I've been thinking about you all and trying to catch up on posts and things too!

    Tam – hows the post wedding stuff going? The novel needs to find an agent and I have promised to get on it after my birthday next week.

    Much love
    T x

  5. wow, Pole Dancing! What a wonderful photo, and descripton…

    I love the story of Mr O's photo – would love to see the exhibition pictures if/when it goes online!

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