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There is no getting away from the endless prattle and waspish cynicism seeping septic from the news. Government implodes and flights disappear and French students are tortured to death.

Thank goodness for the historic and remarkable speech by Obama in Saudi Arabia. At that point all across UK there was a rush on green cards. He is like an outstanding professor, Armani model and Gandalf combined. I wish he would invade England.

I can’t concentrate and time is ticking but instead I sit empty and stupid watching the yobbish starlings decimate the suet balls on the bird feeder. They shriek and peck at each other; like the Labour party really. It would be a better metaphor if they were a ‘parliament’ of owls… wonder what is collective noun for starlings..hang about. .Ahhh Google! A ‘scourge’ of starlings..a ‘murmuration’ of starlings. Personally I would go for a ‘UKIP’ of starlings…but that’s just me…
Starlings (c) Machrihaniol birds
I am fascinated by their rough pecking. I am riveted by everyone eating actually. I become still and attentive when I see people chewing gum as they walk past. I drift off and drool horribly when food adverts come on to the TV; the reason being that I am only a couple of days into a ten-day detox. The first three fast days are worst and I’m already dreaming of melting cheese, chips and dirty martinis. The detox is just to reboot my liver before my birthday in couple of weeks and I know once I am on the raw food bit I shall feel marvellous but right now I ache for Bounty ice cream.

So this post is short and full of prattle and no substance because neither am I (full of substance that is.) I leave you with a photo I took in Trafalgar Square the other day, which I feel expresses my current mood exactly.
T x

‘Girl on a Pole.’ (c) Tanvir Bush ’09

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  1. Thanks for your comment and it would be great to meet your dad – as I'm going to be with my dad they are bound to have friends in common – I'm going to be there around end of July – thanks for "investigating" – can you send me an email on as I don't know yours and then I can confirm dates and where we're staying etc. Lxx

  2. Good luck with that detox – by now you are halfway through! I definitely change channels when the UK parliamentary news appears on Sky. Starlings in suits, indeed!

  3. well i'm back to commenting ^^ Prattle is a nice, refreshing change, don't you think? Yours is, at any rate 🙂 And LOVE the photos, as usual!

  4. Agree on everything, until the detox–then I'm all admiration. I try and try to do the same, and on the first day, I only make it to about 1pm before I'm eating a cheese and pickle sandwich without (somehow) realising what I'm doing. What's worse is I don't wake up until 10.
    I need a Fatty Boot Camp type thing, or Sister Assumpta's Lent Special from Father Ted. I'm hungry NOW, looking at your Bounty bar there!

    *going off in search of a Bounty Bar*

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