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My birthday weekend was lovely, remarkably sweet and chock full of splendid people, venison burgers, vegan salads and Cava by the bucket. Massive thanks to the inebriated vicar who provided all the scrumptious food and the calm and careful Mum and John who helped me set up the garden and did the never-ending Sunday brunch.

‘Sally on Sunday’ (c) T. Bush

On Monday, the remnants of the guests staggered blearily off to catch trains and buses and I took out the last bag of rubbish and by Tuesday I wanted everyone to come back again.
Post party depression they call it.

On the train home from London yesterday the evening sky was moody blue and punch drunk with early summer storms. I was feeling sad and shy, evading the commuter’s incurious cow like gaze behind my dark glasses and wondering, as always when I feel so scared by my overindulgent English spinsterhood, if there was anywhere in the world I might actually be of use.

What if I used my birthday money (supposedly set aside for my dental surgery) and jumped ship to join forces with some romantic cause like the dark Lord Byron, Che, Lorca, Sampson or Sacajawarea …you won’t have heard of the last two..they’re a chicks and we know most history was written by men; some with remarkably small penii and huge imaginations..(The Trojan army was HOW big?)

Then again you might only have heard of Sacajawea because of the film ‘Night at the Museum’. If this is true I cannot judge…I am also this culturally inadequate but I am losing my drift net-all rubbish line of thought.

What can I really offer with no technical skills and no languages? Would I be useful getting a flight to Tehran and offering hugging ‘aww let it all out’ services to the Guardians in the hope that they suddenly feel less uptight and nuclear and more prepared to chat about it all. Or a quick dash across the border to North Korea to see if there is anyone in the militia who want to try permaculture, sustainable living and local trading systems. It’s really very good for drought proof vegetables. .

Anyway – just so you know I got for my birthday – amongst other marvellous things from jewellery to paella pans, sunflowers, martini glasses and Buddhist prayer bead – a subscription to a ‘blog redecoration service’. They are going to help make my blog site funky and more enticing which is a good thing because you may have noticed I have been slacking off badly and indeed was thinking of pulling the plug – this will be the much needed ‘re-boot in the behind’ to get me writing consistently again! It may take a few weeks but please do let me know what you think!

Also before I go to closing party photos – do check out ‘Siren Voices’. http://sirenvoices.blogspot.com He is a paramedic who writes up his strange encounters with such tender, mesmerising prose his blog quickly becomes addictive. Real modest, melancholy genius.

And thank you VAL from ‘Monkeys on the Roof’ for passing to me the Lemonade blog award! Whoo hoo! More on that next time.

And lastly farewell to the deeply troubled, brilliant and tragic Mr. Jackson. My childhood would have been strangely empty without some of your music.

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  1. Post Party Depression LOL I loved that—and that you wanted them all back on Tuesday. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Also like your hugging plans for a future career: if only!

    I knew Sacajawea (ok not personally…); she was a heroine from my childhood for all that traveling and (damn!) having a baby in the middle of it; I dressed up as her for Halloween one year. Very cool lady.

    Congratulations on what sounds like a very groovy collection of presents, including the blog revamp. I just updated mine yet again, and am now trying to change the colour of the links with no joy there…the whole project is an ever-ongoing challenge (mostly because I'm too cheap to have a professional do it, admittedly). So, I can't wait to see what happens here, and how beautiful it gets!

    Happy birthday again, and here's hoping for a wonderful summer ahead–

  2. darlin' i always call it Post Piss Up Depression. it sucks. but there ya go. it will evaporate. soon. and yes look forward to The Blog Revamp and don;t you dare pull the plug here. banish the thought immediately! LOTS love xxx j

  3. oh yes – post party piss up depression – we know it well. Hang in there – this too shall pass x
    look forward to the new blog look 🙂 was on the point of changing my colours when you told me the yellow on read was good for readability. so it stays 🙂
    No pulling of plugs ok!!! and yes i am following the Siren Voices now too

  4. Great to hear that the birthday was well celebrated! Please don't pull the plug?! Looking forward to seeing the new look blog 🙂

  5. Post

    Thanks all,
    Susan I expect no less from you! Of course yhou know Sacajawea! I must do some more research..she does sound like an ideal childhhod icon for women.

    Turns out the blog revamp might not happen for a while after all as the contracted person gave wrong info – only does 'ebay' blog sites..hmmm..

    Thanks for dropping by Janelle – especially with Miransda about to add into the family!!

    Hi Val – thanks for that. The thing is that so many people with visual impairment prefer different backgrounds and formats. RNIB say (and I concur) always go for arial fonts and of course certain colours. Be interested to know if you have anyone else with a preference – sighted or no.

    Hi Gigihawaii and Karen- lovely to see you here and ta much. Will keep going I promise! Popping over to see your sites now,
    tanvi xx

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