Hardly Sex for the Superconcious.

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My good buddy sends me a link to an article by the BBC entitled ‘Dirty Talk for Blind People’. In the hope this may be a new government benefit cobbled onto my income support, I read it eagerly. It is however a discussion about what kinds of erotica and pornography are available for people with disabilities….. ’discerning’ people with disabilities that is (this being a BBC article) …and it turns out not a lot.

‘Society’s reluctance to accept disabled peoples sexuality is perhaps based on a deep-rooted but unspoken belief that they should not reproduce.’

Yeah well and ho hum…

Having already posted here of my murky albeit brief slide into selling phone sex https://tanvirbush.com/2009/01/phoney-sex/ I am not surprised by the lack of imagination when it comes to erotica for women let alone disabled people. (oh hell..just realised you probably don’t know about this Dad…errr.. opps. It just paid better then the bingo calling…Goodness, I must make you so proud!)

I worked once with a brilliant young and very sexy TV presenter who, due to his being stuck in a wheelchair, was not able to find any kind of serious presenting work outside of ‘Disability Rights shows in UK. He was in constant pain but said he had discovered a remarkable way of controlling and converting the pain through a form of Japanese bondage. I believe he eventually made it to the States and is fronting a show on cable about such things. Now THAT would be a more watchable form of ‘The X Factor’ surely


Personally I think there would be a fantastic market for erotic tactile pop-up books. They could have plug in audio although might be tricky reading them subtly on the train……

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  1. I find myself monitoring what I write a bit based on the fact that my Dad reads my blog – so I laughed at your disclosure. Now I need to go read about that phone sex gig – sounds hilarious.

  2. Very funny about the phone sex experience, and the idea of reading potential tactile steamy stuff on the train!! 🙂 have a great weekend…

  3. Post

    hello Bug!
    yes tricky one…its quite good though to be careful anyway..sometimes I think i am letting a little too much of myself out on the page so remembering parents is a useful tequnigue. Glad you enjoyed this one!

    And you too Gigi and Karen, Always such a pleasrue to see you here!!
    love T xx

  4. Tam's got a point–great niche to act on! When I visited a Mills & Boon editor two years ago, we talked about disability in the main characters, and that was eye-opening. I was told that it was after all 'fantasy', etc etc. Tall, dark, handsome, rich, etc etc… I never did write for them, in the end. (Quel surprise!)

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