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What is it with people? The next person who puts on a baby voice and asks me if I am ‘excited about getting my doggie-woggie’ I shall bite on the nose. Savagely.

I presume you don’t get this kind of patronisation when you first get a wheel chair ‘Ohhh you must be sooo excited about getting your wheelie-beelie.’

In case you may still be confused about why taking on a guide dog is emotionally more complex then just ‘getting a doggie- woggie’ please imagine being suddenly handed a toddler to care for over several years. Then cover your eyes with several layers of cling film, Vaseline and glitter and try changing a nappy. In fact the next person who even thinks ‘doggie woggie’ near me I shall wrap in cling film and dirty nappies… breathing out…feeling better….

Of course there have been many more of you, thank god, who have been incredibly astute and useful with your insights – and with your silent support ….and I certainly don’t mind the barrage of canine related and ap-paw-ing puns flooding my phone (a horrendous amount may I say from my dad) and I can only say thank you. Your support is essential and I am so grateful.

On an entirely different note, …well its not at all entirely. Only if I am grumpy this woman is f++=ing furious. This is a fascinating opening gambit in the equality debate from Disability Bitch’s Blog. http://www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/opinion/b1tch/db_vs_negative_politicians.shtml

Disability Bitch logo (BBC)


It’s about Obama’s recent speech on equality and disability. She ain’t impressed….


Remember that chances are we will all be disabled in our lives at one point or another..even if that is just a leg in a cast for several weeks, temporary deafness from an ear infection, chronic back pain from a slipped disc, old age…or various forms of blindness to the rest of humanity.

It comes to all of us. ‘Twist’ Self Portrait: (c) T. Bush 2008

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  1. You manage to take the most ridiculous, maddening situations and write about them in a way that makes me laugh out loud. Which makes you brill, my dear.


  2. I hadn't met Disability Bitch yet, but I like her!

    All my life I've had a dog in the house, so I can't imagine living without one…but then I can't imagine taking care of one without being able to see it, either. The toddler analogy is excellent (and frightening!)

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