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Obfuscate Series: ‘Shadow dance’ (c)T. Bush 2008

There is a tiny woman with nicotine-blonde, over-curly hair in the side-alley ahead of me. She seems unsure of which pavement to go to and is turning around and around on herself in the middle of the road. She spots me over the roof of the parked cars and immediately her small gnarled face lights up. She leaps forward, forcing me to slow and stop then stoops slightly as if bowing.

‘Isn’t the weather lovely?’ she says in a bright rehearsed voice.

I am about to agree with her. The sun is indeed glorious. We’ve been walking happily for hours and sweat is trickling down between my shoulder blades but the woman suddenly notices Grace and sways as if struck. She peers up at me with wide, red-rimmed eyes for a moment and then says with a curt nod. ‘Oh but never mind. You’re blind.’

‘I’m not.’ I retort hotly then sigh feeling like a plonker in my huge dark glasses and sporting a very fashionable guide dog.


‘OK just a bit’ I acquiesce about to launch into a lengthy explanation about the difference between visual impairment and blindness and why even disabled people can enjoy the bloody weather and……. but the strange, sepia lady has spied another couple of pedestrians turning into the alley and immediately, fearless for her life, has leapt back into the road and is stalking them like some bizarre little bouffant mongoose. In the very same bright tone I hear her from behind as she blocks their path
‘Isn’t the weather lovely?’


‘Ah.’ I say to Grace. ‘She’s bonkers.’
Grace looks at me.
‘Well I’m not totally blind..,’ I mutter narrowly missing the lamppost Grace is trying to pull me around. . ‘Hardy at all in good light actually.’
‘Bonkers is as bonkers does,’ wags Grace’s tail.


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  1. Don't you love it when someone tells you something that you *probably* know already like 'you're crying' or 'you got your hair cut'… words fail under a deluge of potential smartassery we could give in return. Drives me nuts.

    Not quite as nuts as your friend there. Yikes.

    And I love love LOVE that photograph you've put at the top; it's beautifully done.

  2. loving your last two posts. i hope the blues have lifted somewhat. Grace sounds fabulous, and that morning wee story … ah those moments are so precious. beautiful.

  3. I am just loving the Tanvi and Grace stories – the early morning pee under the full moon; the pole dancing class when she walked you home in the dark; and now this – all relayed in your fabulous butt kicking style – yay. xx

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