Gangster Rap

Tanvir Naomi BushUK 6 Comments

(Forgive me readers it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog session. I have recently found out that one of my favourite people in the world is going to have to battle multiple myeloma and it has shaken me up….shaken all of my family up. It goes without saying this is going to affect my writing but I know that the person involved would rather I didn’t go into too much detail right now.)     So I am a […]

Turning on the Bath tap….

Tanvir Naomi BushUK 8 Comments

  This is my poor mutt at home after our first week at BathSpa University for induction and introductory seminars. I think she is a bit…..err…weary. If I had been a nicer person I would have stolen a baby buggy at Kings Cross, softly popped her in it and pushed her home instead of making her guide me.. Induction..what can I say? A marvellous literal (for me) and literary blur with a requisite tally of confident, young men in glasses […]