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This is my poor mutt at home after our first week at BathSpa University for induction and introductory seminars. I think she is a bit…..err…weary. If I had been a nicer person I would have stolen a baby buggy at Kings Cross, softly popped her in it and pushed her home instead of making her guide me..

Induction..what can I say? A marvellous literal (for me) and literary blur with a requisite tally of confident, young men in glasses and small, glowing, pretty young women in short skirts and biker boots. Others older, cautious, smiling from behind wine glasses, shifting from foot to foot as we orbit slowly around the various beaming lecturers as they hold forth on the course.

There are some lovely people in this crew and obviously some brilliant and talented. They may not be the same people. Life’s like that but I can’t wait to read all of their work!

I did make a couple of serious miscalculations that might well have had me in hospital and it is probably about time I sat myself down and gave myself a good talking to. ‘Tanvir, you are MORE then half blind in daylight and you are COMPLETELY night blind….and I don’t mean cutesy ‘things are a bit washed out’ night blind. I mean ‘bugger if that wasn’t a hippo I just prodded with my cane on the way to the bog’ kind of night blind. ‘ (There are witness to this very comment, that very hippo and the self same bog.)

‘You have to be more careful. You have to think ahead and plan torches and sighted help. Damn your ridiculous pride and recklessness!’

Of course one thinks..ahh..but she has a guide dog. But problem is a guide dog cannot guide in a totally new area without help. She is a dog not a sat nav and neither does she have the light-engulfing pupils of the cat. Plus she is also only 18 months old and fresh out of school but she huffed and puffed and pulled my arm off and still managed to guide me to and from the right seminar rooms after only being shown them once!

We are staying in a remarkably beautiful cottage in a village called Newton St Loe, owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

The view from my boudoir dontchaknow!

We are being hosted by the writer and fellow student JA who has been showing us the maze of campus, taking us out to local pubs and generally spoiling us rotten. She has been essential in our reconnaissance and for that we thank her wholeheartedly!

So now we are home for a couple of days with several tonnes of homework (sodding forgot about the homework…hmm) and a bag and half of washing. Wonder what Grace is dreaming about…? I bet it isn’t literary criticism….


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  1. Oh that view looks fab and it all sounds great and just where you should be and short skirts and biker boots? Can I wear that? Prob not. What are the mature students wearing? Ps think won't do that eve we discussed now as poss away for weekend – BUT let me know when you're in London and we will def catch up Lx

  2. Aw, good dog Grace! Poor thing. I ROFL at 'she's a dog not a satnav' but am dead impressed at her memory.

    So congratulations on being at Bath!! It sounds fantastic, and good luck with that homework. (Yeah, I forgot it too… and here I am planning to go back myself! Hmmm…)

  3. Impresive memory! And a wonderful start to a new juncture in your life. Starting uni is scary for anyone so I don't blame you for being a bit tired! If only we could all curl up likke Grace and just crash out without a care in the world.

  4. That is one hell of a room with a view, I am jealous! It's great to hear about your first week, makes me nostalgic for those uni days. x

  5. So exciting Tan, yay! Must pick your brain on the dynamics and characters… have just started a story which partially takes place in a creative writing group @ uni. Oh, homework.
    But just think, this time last year you hadn't even written your novel yet.

  6. Post

    hey Lulu- mature students wearing sensible shoes and waterproof trousers…. Think the eve might be bit much too so will instead plan shenanigans with you in london! Excellent idea!

    Hi Susan – where are you thinking of studying? Nothing like being a bloody fresher again! Gawd! Thanks for the congrats!

    Hi Mud,
    Yep..I have recently allowed her to jump onto my bed in the morning in order to stop her trying to make me get up and play with her at 7am…unfortunately she really likes my bed..and she snores and farts like every other bloke I have shared with…hmmm… still nice to have warm dog to curl up to.

    Hi NMJ,
    loved your note about the manbooker… I have a sneaking suspicion i might never get around to read more then one or two of 'em… ach well. (as they say oop in Scootland!)
    T xx

  7. eesh what a COOLOH place you stayed in eh?? and darlin' do be careful of those hippo. honestly. a good zambian like your kind self…and your dawg looks a dream. sweet thang… lots love xx j

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