Doggedly Trying

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Last week I was utterly useless. Utterly. Useless. I sat in front of the computer and couldn’t even find the impetus to fill in my status bar on Facebook. It was something to do with the cold and sleet and the constant audio backdrop of radio news from Haiti; the sound of so much terror and pain. After sitting like someone drugged I would get up and make coffee or walk in circles or stare with exasperation at the huge […]

Back In Blighty

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I know, I know and I do apologise…I have not blogged since before Christmas It seems odd to now ensconced in 2010. 2010. It’s not the sci-fi world I had quite imagined back in the late ‘70’s. Where on earth is my plasma gun? ‘Dad’ (c) T.Bush Dec 09And so folks…I best fill you in. Zambia was both wonderful and at times very difficult. On a positive note Dad’s condition got a little better for a while and by the […]