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I am in Radstock at what will be my sister’s new vicarage and have been here for a full week rattling around whilst she is away on silent retreat. …Silent if you allow the odd sneaky text that is. (Do you think Jesus would have been a ‘lol’, smiley face texter? Wonder if there is an emoticon symbol for ‘amen’? 🙂 or ‘I cast you into hell you demon’ 🙁 )

Its not the most handsome frontage but it is nice inside…lots of light and space,

Anyway its been rather interesting and rather odd to be somewhere completely new. I got to pad around Radstock and Bath a little and was introduced to a delightful tiny pub by some lovely fellow students. The pub is called The Green Tree Inn. It is very small and I thought I had stumbled into someone’s living room. There was a fine selection of ale and decided I would drink my way down the list starting with ‘Pitchfork’, then ‘Buttcombe’ – ach how that tickled! However I can’t quite remember the names of the rest..wasn’t there one called ‘Just Beyond The Haybales’ or ‘Now you’ll Never get Home’?

The weeks been mostly very bright and very cold and quiet. I had to rest Grace this weekend after she had another bout of food poisoning, quite a bad one. They have very sensitive guts these pooches and I think she was also just a little overwhelmed by all the changes and all the work. She is in fine fettle now however and has been carefully placing her various toys on the stairs to test my eyesight in the morning. Isn’t she thoughtful.

I’m happy to report that Dad is booked in for stem cell therapy in Pretoria in May and although he will have to go through another round of oral chemo before then he was pleased and relieved with the test results. Its a serious marathon; six weeks treatment followed by a minimum of three months recovery. He has been warned it can take over a year to get full strength back but he now has a goal and a strategy and that is important for all our various states of mind.

Back to Cambridge in a couple of days. Will be in touch from there…

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  1. Hello dear. I've been terribly out of the loop and a frightfully neglectful commenter. I'm glad to hear that there is a way forward for your dad. I got his number from Toby yesterday (bless your papa, still visiting the sick in hospital while he's here for treatment. Honestly!) and will give him a shout. Lots of love and prayers and positive vibes and good wishes from me.

  2. Love your descriptions Tanvir; always found English beers had amazing names, worth tasting just to see if they lived up to them and how!

    But how did you end up with a vicar for a sister!!? I had one for an uncle, a terribly esteemed, genteel and angular man with a penchant for crossword puzzles.

    He'd actually married my aunt to her first husband (his cousin)and declared that he'd always loved her! So when hubby one died, she married him! Funny, she's the least likely, I'd have said, to have had multiple husbands but isn't that the joy of life and family stories?!

    Delighted to hear your Dad has a route forward now, must be a relief.

  3. We're all delicate, in our different ways. Hugs to you and Grace and all best wishes to your dad.

  4. I'd love to try some English beer but have not seen any in Hawaii stores. Nowadays, David and I drink Beck's, a German beer, which is quite good.

    Best wishes to you and your dad.

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