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I have twice been on a horse bolting from a snake. The horse bolting that is,, not me. This month felt strangely familiar; the puff adder being Dad’s illness and some of the dreadful things arising around it. The horse I suppose being the future, unknown and out of control. My desperate grip and my balance a mixture of experience and optimism and the reins and bridle that will eventually bring the horse into a calm and more controllable state being my Buddhist practice of chanting meditation and the support of friends and family.

Amrita in Granchester

Today Dad is allowed to move out of the ICU at the hospital and into the little bed and breakfast adjacent again. His blood and platelet counts still need to increase and of course he is still frail, awfully pale and in need of doubling his body weight. But he is out the far side of the treatment and we can all breathe out a little, release the white knuckle grip on the horse’s flying mane.

Grace too finally had her results and is clear of any heart trouble. To celebrate my beautiful buddy A, who came from Canada for a flying visit, took us for punting and followed up on the Friday with cream teas at the Orchard followed by a glorious, hot stroll along Grantchester meadows and all the way through Cambridge.

The weather has been stunning and conducive to mellow mooching, mediation and fruit cocktails. Ok …so England dribbled out of the World Cup , money is short and my fridge just died and is now defrosting all over the kitchen and beginning to smell like the monkey cage at London Zoo but hey… I have tan marks from my sandals, a small stash of birthday/solstice gin left and a very happy hound.

I think that bolting horse is calming and I am still hanging on.

How are you all doing?

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  1. A lovely picture of you, it just exudes calmness – glad your dad is coming through his treatment. Broken fridges smell putrid, just put it out of your mind, enjoy your tan marks and the gin stash you have left! How lovely to have your friend from Canada come for a flying visit.x

  2. Hi Hun!!!!!!!!!! Glad for the update, have been thinking of you. Have been sending good and well wishing thoughts to your Dad(is he in UK or SA?)and also so happy to hear and see Grace is back to her usual self. Condolences for the fridge!!! I ma typing this to you on my sofa…wrapped up in jerseys and blankets….freezing my lilly white ass off! Winter has arrived in Zambia! miss you my beautiful friend xxxxxxx

  3. Post

    Hi nmj – thank you! It was such a lovely day and Grace is obviously a boating kind of a dog! Hmmm…the fridge…quite. Out of mind I promise!
    More soon
    T xx

    Hello Louisa,
    So strange to think og ice cold Zambia when I am wandering around in shorts and a t-shirt with a sudden craving for an ice cream! Yep Dad still doing ok (Pretoria at the mo – hopes to fly back to Zed in a few weeks.)
    Miss you too. Hows Michael?
    T xxx

  4. Glad for this update on your dad & Grace – I think about you guys often.

    We're at Lake Erie for the 4th of July – heading home tomorrow (4 hours south – so not far). It is very hot in Ohio right now. Glad for air conditioning (& hotel wi-fi).

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