Holey Vision: The Grumpy Girl’s Guide To Surviving Sight Loss

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This speech was given on Saturday 17th September 2010 to the National Talking Newspapers Convention in Peterborough. Good evening! First a disclaimer: this post supper instructional talk will include flashing images – for me that is not for you…also a little blurring and distortion. There will be strong language and it will certainly contain nuts.Also please note that all opinions expressed are those of the author. Other visually impaired or blind experiences may vary. To be frank I was initially […]

A French Toast!

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Weather has changed and just like that, like the bran dust, the single, sour little cranberry and the oat debris in the bottom of the luxury box of muesli, summer is nearly over. ‘Fleur’ (c) T,Bush 10 I escape to France for a few days to see Mum and to raid her library on African flora and fauna as I have decided that the heroine in my Zambian thriller is able to survive on the streets of Lusaka by sourcing […]