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Oh hell! I said I would post at the end of the week…LAST week! I am very sorry. I have STILL been faffing around with my MA manuscript. Had another deadline on Friday and now have another two week extension!!

Don’t get me wrong. I am VERY grateful for the extra few days especially for help with the proofing. It’s just that the pressure has been full on for quite some time now and I am a little grouchy with it all. I try to be working by 7am and then with odd breaks for naps, gym, (note photo of me looking like Eastern European wrestler and the hell hound) feeding, walking dog, am basically just glued to a smoking computer all day every day. Sometimes I will sit for hours with nothing happening. Each sentence feeling like Velcro being ripped out of my hair and although I love writing this book some of it is tough. Bad things happen. Death runs over the pages

Thank god for the internet! I can sneak off to read the papers, check email and rifle through other people’s days on facebook. I love face book. Right now on my home page there are a series of photos from a friend who found a huge snake in his shower. We are all waiting – him rather anxiously I should imagine, for someone to identify it. Looked venomous to me. Another pal is just back from a poetry slam in Midlands. Someone else offering a house sit in a chateau in France. My brother has a cold and is back from Amsterdam. My mum and sister pickling and jam-making. Another friend moans about Zambian women and their addiction to Sugar Daddies. Someone telling the world they love their mother. Music. Ridiculous short videos. Blogs and events and more. When you are stuck in a room for days at a time other peoples’ lives are so very fascinating!

I have been warned about privacy. Someone could sneak in and steal my identity. Gawd imagine the poor sod.
‘heh heh heh.. I’m in. I’m her. Quick into the bank account…eh? For heaven’s sake! It’s empty. This is ridicu…ow! F+++! I just walked into a tree! And what the hell just happened to my love life? I have been on less dates then a piece of old chewing gum stuck under a desk circ 1989. And exactly HOW bad am I at maths…? Eeesshhhhh….didn’t see that bike. That really hurt. Well I guess at least I get a gorgeous dog. Hang on…why does everything smell of fox poo…?’
So good luck to ‘em. (and yes I DO know that isn’t exactly how it happens.)
They would also have to contend with situations like last night. After a long and rather fraught journey from Bath (I had a cold, Grace had wind and the train carriage was over heated and VERY crowded. Not a good mix!) we arrived in a torrential icy downpour. By the time we had got to the barriers at Cambridge stations everyone was soaked. The queue for the taxis was horrific and I know from experience that without a copper around to help me enforce my human rights, not one of the taxis was going to take a wet dog anyway, so Grace and I had no choice but to hoof it. And it rained and it rained. By the time we got home I couldn’t get my keys out of my handbag because my hands were frozen and even Grace’s tail was slightly less waggy.
This was the face I was wearing by the time we got into the warmth…. scary hey?!
Needless to say the cold was worse this morning and both Grace and I have spent the day indoors wrapped in several layers and mostly horizontal. Better now though. Nothing like a duvet day!

On the Dad front: he has been doing really well but his knees are giving him a bit of jip and he has to go back to SA in a few days to double check on everything. The most marvellous thing has happened to his hair though…it was so excited to be growing back it seems to have set out in three different directions. Up on either side and all along the top. It is a mixture of ‘Last of the Mohicans’ and Elvis. I will try and get a photo. Right. Enough from me. I am not going to have a break and watch bad TV and get an early night. Or watch good TV and have a late night. Or combinations there of. More soon.
T x

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  1. Oh you do look pitiful in that last picture! I have one of me like that – after wondering around a national park at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace (or childhood home, or where he spent 5th grade – there are no end of monuments to Mr. Lincoln LOL). Torrential rain. Couldn't manage the umbrella & just gave up. Pathetic!

    LOL at your dad's hair – glad he's doing well. We do need to see a picture though.

    I love FB too – it's a wonderful diversion.

  2. Facebook is so great for procrastination!! I have been off it since Feb, but do tend to feel as if I'm missing out on people, somewhat!

    That rain sounds just hideous.. one of the reasons it didn't ever really work out for me to live in the UK!

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