Holey Vision!

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We are back!

Guide dog Grace, a black labrador, wearing blue graduation cap and cape, sits proudly in front of similarly attired Dr. Tanvir Bush and another female graduate. All three are smiling!

Drs Tanvir, Alice Herve and Grace

Hellooooo! Goodness, I have missed you and can only apologise for the wee gap …okay, the three-year wee gap… in my Holey Vision posts! I got sucked deep down into my PhD but am now safely out the other side. And, da da DAAA…! I am a Doctor Bush of Bath Spa University! I kid you not. Grace too has weathered the storm and, now 9 years old and a little greyer, is also the proud wearer of cap and gown. The photo was taken on our graduation day with fellow Doc, Alice Herve.

But three years is a long time…

And I am curious to know how you all are and what YOU have been up to. Have you too been rocked by world events? Brexit? Trump?  We entered 2017 like the Monty Python knight on the bridge, armless, legless yelling ‘Come on if you think you’re hard enough’ and got immediately poked in the eye.

An uncertain, timorous year so far. To distract, entertain and explore, therefore, look!  I have a new website for Holey Vision!

Black and tan retriever cross labrador dog looks up into the camera, tongue hanging out and what looks like a big grin on her face.

Grace says ‘Come on in!’

New Website!

Do have a look around. It is so damn shiny and exciting! There is not just the Holey Vision blog but links to my novel ‘Witch Girl’ and new novel ‘CULL’. (More on those in the next post).  You can access my photos, sign up for my creative writing classes,  collaborate on research and watch my films! I have to thank the creators Get It Write International and my mum, Ruth Hartley,  for gifting me the website. It is such a boon to have all these various aspects of my work accessible and in one place!

Come in and let me know what you think and how you are doing. I hope I can make this site a place for you my friends and fellow bloggers, to come and be at ease, have a laugh and hang out.  I have missed you!

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