We are fully funded so what happens now…?

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CULL is fully funded so what happens next?

An very thick A4 sized thesis bound with black along the spine and with clear acetate over the title page.

The original tome with added thesis!

The first thing I have to do is reread my original manuscript. It’s been several months since I did this and so it seems fresher with all rot, blots, clutter and shoddy bits now fully exposed. It’s my job to prune, clip, zapp and add compost. I have promised this will be done by 20th September, whereupon I shall send it post-haste to the Unbound production team in London. They will read said manuscript and get back to my agent and I with a plan for final editing, design, proofs and eventually printing and potential launch dates. Right now I have absolutely no idea on the timescale but will let you know as things progress.

I am editing slowly but enjoying it. Indeed, I had some fun tweaking a sex scene today, adding back the line ‘…more potential cystitis than sensation…’. 50 Shades it ain’t.

In other news, I am still dog-less and rather lost without my honey, Grace.  I have received wonderful snaps of her having a fabulous time on various holiday trips with her lovely new family which makes me feel much better but I am still waking with the cold sweats in the dead of night worrying that she thinks I abandoned her.

Beware of VI hiker!

During the day, I keep busy and try not to dwell. In between editing and waiting to hear about associate lecturing work, I have started doing rather fool-hardy and exhilarating hikes on my own around Corsham and out into the country-side. I take risks I would never do with a guide dog: ducking under fallen trees, clambering over bramble covered stiles and wading through thigh-high nettles, using my cane as a walking stick, weapon and depth detector for gullies.  This is not just me losing the plot. I am actually in semi-training for the Bath SkyLine walk to raise money for Julian House on the 25th September. Twenty miles with short legs and flat feet?  It will be a doddle, surely? Worth it though for such a great organisation!

Julian House helps the most marginalised people in society to regain their self-confidence and take back control of their lives. From living on the streets, to seeking employment, Julian House services give life changing, and often life saving support.

If you would like to put some dosh towards the wonderful Julian House projects please do sponsor Alice, my wonderful walking buddy, and me by nipping over to this website ‘ere!

Thanks all and more soon I promise!

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