Countdown to Launch!

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Okay, I reckon there is still time.

It is Tuesday night and the launch is on Friday. If I don’t eat, do fifty lunges, 100 press-ups and a thousand

A woman lies on her back with a plastic eye shield over her right eye. She is looking pensively to the left with just her face and hair on the pillow in shot.

Captain Plastic

stretches each hour, I can probably lose the weight and gain the two inches that I feel I need to face the public. I don’t see any real problem with this…apart from the eye thing. Ah…

You see I had cataract surgery two weeks ago and am not supposed to do too much bending, heavy lifting or jumping up and down. I shall blame my current state of podge on that then.  ‘Oh this, I shall say whipping up my blouse to expose my shivering pale expanse of belly to the gathered crowds. ‘This is the fault of Bristol Eye Hospital. I would have been whippet-like by now if it hadn’t been for those pesky ophthalmologists. ‘

The good thing is I get to wear the cyber punk-tastic plastic eye piece when travelling or sleeping. I asked if I could have a plastic cyber punk parrot to go with it but I think they thought that was just the effect of the sedation post-surgery.

It wasn’t.

I am nervous. Can you tell?

However, I have got the most incredible team of lunatic volunteers to help put on a bit of a show. Bill and Trish from this incredible organisation  are helping along with friends and family.

A man with blonde heair stands miling and holding an A2 size poster up against a wall. The poster ihas a red background and a strong black and white design on it with the words 'Shop a Scrounger' emblazoned. And look what Colin designed for the entrance?! They are the ‘Shop a scrounger’ posters from the first half of my novel.  He researched Nazi propaganda and the design resonates and is absolutely chilling!

So, come if you can and if you can’t, watch this space as we are having a short film made and will stick it up on this here website!  And if you ask nicely, I might even post you a bit of cake!


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