To Boldly Go…Home!

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Captain’s log; Startled date 02/04/2020 Death toll: 2921 Issues: ineffective testing, PPI and anxiety of the rise eugenic speak in the media and beyond. Upside: clapping for key workers. Downside; memories of Tory government cheering the blocking of nurses and fire-fighters 1% wage increase in 2017 Today we entered the second stage of the new normal where the adrenaline drops and the realisation that we cannot return home creeps into our consciousness, creating a gravity echo that leads to a […]

Bat-sick Crazy March 23rd 2020

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  Last Monday I was on the bus trying not to touch anything with my hands- -which is tricky if you are visually impaired, bus lurching, Mitzie sliding helplessly into the aisle. Back then, hundreds of long hours ago, when we were still living in that other England, a gaggle of pensioners were braving it out in the backseats, muttering, squeaking and giggling like teenagers bunking off school. Across from Mitzie and I, a baby in a pram coughed snottily […]